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  1. Hi, Ty, that is what I did. I assume I then open the folder from the DIMM Drive (Z:) and not its normal spot on C:, correct? Since you talked about the links DIMM Drive created, I wasn't sure if opening on C: would take advantage of the DIMM drive or not, I assume not.
  2. Hi, I am trying to run Neverwinter on DIMM drive. It is a non STEAM game. If I add just the neverwinter executable, it doesn't work. If I add the entire neverwinter folder, then I can see the folder on both my C: drive and on the Z: drive (dimm drive). If I doubleclick on the executable in either location (C: or Z:) it opens and runs. I assume to run it from DIMM drive I need to run it from the Z: drive? That is what I assume but all the comments about links made it unclear to me. Oddly enough running it from the C: drive seems faster.