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  1. Ive been using DimmDrive for about 12 hours now, and so far all is great! It is super simple to set up my games to run from memory. But there are other things that I want to have running only to memory, like my windows Temp folder, so they arent constantly writing to my SSD system drive. Right now I am using a second RAM Drive software that starts on boot with a couple folders all set to go for that purpose. I would like to see the ability to create multiple drives from DimmDrive, so that I could leave a drive or two on at all times but still have the ability to reconfigure any of them independantly when necessary.
  2. Tim, since you have been producing Dimmdrive, you obviously know the benefits of a RAMDrive as it pertains to to gaming. But I also have my RAMDrive (SoftPerfect) set up a 1GB drive at boot time that permanently contains my windows/temp and my users/temp files, as well as cache files for my browsers, and anything else that I don't need to keep permanently like install files that I'm going to run once and done. This is going to save my SSD, which is my system drive, a LOT of writes.