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  1. Hello again! I just watched the video, and it explained a lot on how to use a limited amount of RAM for a DimmDrive... I also found THIS : video as a direct reference to dota2, although I agree the WoW vid was for the comparison-sake better.However the question that I had was under a bit different angle. I will do my best to explain. I have both HDD and SSD right now. Currently I am not using DimmDrive, but I am planning to start using it. If I start using DimmDrive, 1) Do I want to have my Game ( Dota2 in this case ) on the SSD or the HDD. SSD will obviously be faster to load the files that didn't fit into DimmDrive, however I am worried about the constant read-write-read-write cycle that will maybe wear down the SSD quickly? It seems logical to me that if the game fits fully ( More RAM option ) on the DimmDrive, maybe I can just have the game on HDD, and have the actual one I use on DimmDrive and I won't suffer any unnecessary file writing on SSD?
  2. Hello! I am a regular steam user, but I never before heard about RAM-drives, and then this dimmDrive on steam comes out and also I discuss it out with 1 of my friends who is also considering it. I have done some reading and insight into this but I have now a few questions or advices I would like to know before I purchase and when I do, how to configure the program. I mostly play dota2 currently, but it is on my SSD Drive. 1) the RAM I have available ( full amount ) is 16 gigs, so I guess I could have like 8 or 10 gigs of it reserved for the drive? 2) Would it be a better idea to just put dota2 folder ( or re-install it ) on a regular HDD drive and just link it to the Dimmdrive? or keep it on SSD? - Reason I am asking this is, I guess all have heard that SSDs have problems with longevity and if there's constant re-writing stuff on it, it will in time get damaged. Will I loose any performance if I will have my dota2 simply on HDD and have Dimmdrive for dota enabled and will that save me my SSD durability? I will think if I have any-more other questions Thank You!