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  1. So i've been tinkering for a while now... It seems like Dimmdrive just does not work for eq2. Any of the files for maps ends up be redownloaded by the launcher and there doesn't seem to be a way around it. And since no one else has any advice.... I'm kinda regretting dimmdrive. Guess i'll try other games....
  2. Okay okay. Hope they're not small. I'll only post a small sample of the files. It's really a mess in the dimmdrive. And here's some of the files as they appear in the native folder. You kinda get the idea how most files are labled. I really feel like posting more than that would be less than productive since they just begin to repeat.
  3. So i've been trying to tinker now with the dimm but no matter what I dimm, the files never snych with the game. And when I try to launch dimm before the launcher, the launcer tries to replace any files I dimmed. any suggestions?
  4. Thanks. I'll post something tomorrow.
  5. So one thing I noticed when using the 'less ram' option was the ability to organize folders and files other than just file size. I wouldn't mind this except when i'm trying spacfic files to test out, I have to trudge through ALL the files until I can find the ones I want to test. Unlike in the windows folder where you can organize files by other than just size. It would be nice to have better organization abilities, even withen dimmdrive's program.
  6. Thanks anyway. I tried posting an image but this forum won't allow me. Guess i'll just have to go through each file.
  7. I really couldn't post one. There are so many files i'd need to post 20 of them Though I think the majority of them are in this one folder called "Paks" it's such a huge cluster fucker that I could not even begin to think which one's would even work.
  8. So I got dimm, hoping to get it working faster. Now I got a pretty substandard setup. 8GB at best and looking at the program itself is around 13.2 GB. Going to limited, the amount of files is a huge fucking mess. I have no idea which files are worth optimazing and which ones are just junk, aside from sound files. Anyone got some general advice which options to choose from?
  9. Hello. I'm also trying to run EQ2 on dim drive, abeit I only have around 6gb to play with and i'm not sure which files to actually dim as it were. Any ideas for a newbie?