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  1. So dimdrive creates a shortcut or refrence at the original file location (On HDD) and points it to the ram disk directory. Does the HDD still have to read this refrence pointer in order to reach the file stored on the ramdisk? If so the seek time of a HDD is always one of the biggest bottlenecks and sources of long load times, so theoretically if your pc still has to do hundreds of random seeks and reads of the shortcuts or pointers from the original HDD disk before it gets redirected to the ram disk the speed of the ram disk becomes irrelevant in the overall timeframe because the source of the long load times is again comming from the HDD having to seek, read the shortcut on HDD and then read the actualy file from ram disk. The only way I could see and improvement would be if the parent folder refrences the ram disk meaning there would be only one random seek to point to the ram disk and then the subfolders can quickly be read without needing to access original HDD.
  2. I'm seeing the exact same results... I've timed multiple games and they don't load any faster very specifically kerbal space program. I have 32GB ram and dedicate 10GB to RamDisk and the load time from HDD and Ram disk is exactally 40seconds. yes. I've benched it all and it is working but game doesn't load any faster. kinda pissed. With dimmdrive on HDD LED stays off (loading from ram disk) with dimdrive off HDD LED goes nuts(loading from HDD) overall i think the game is just the limiting factor which is super agravating. same result with multiple games though so Idk. I kinda wonder if it is how this program creates "shortcuts" and my HDD still has to do the random seeks to read that shortcut which is truely the bottleneck of a HDD. At that point it doesn't matter how fast the ram disk is if it still has to do 1000 random seeks for the shortcuts. Can someone clarify if that is the case?