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  1. as i posted in discussion forum my dimmdrive kept giving me blue screen in windows 8.1 show PNP_Detected_FATAL_ERROR and i have not get ot working..this is what i am doing before enabling the drive option i select less ram option due to the game i am trying to run from dimmdrive is battlefield 4 and 57.8 gb in size.since i cant run the full game from dimmdrive i selected less ram option and selecting 7 files from the folder which are used most by the game..i have 16gb of ram and dimmdrive i am trying to create is 8gb which is i think more than enough..please provide a solution..
  2. am i going to get help with this problem..havent had any response from developer regarding my issue..i still cannot use this software..
  3. still no response..i bought this thing on jan 3rd and i havent got any response regarding my issue..
  4. Felt like wasted my time and money on this product kept giving me blue screen PNP error i see no reply from developer going to ask steam if they can refund me my money..
  5. Just bought the steam version and getting PNP fatal error blue screen soon as i enable dimmdrive..i put the files that i want which is from non steam game and soon as click apply it gives me this blue screen..i am using windows 8.1 x64..
  6. i have 16gb ram and trying to do 8gb ram..files that i am trying to run from dimmdrive are mostly 1gb big and there are like 7 files
  7. hi i have a question before making the purchase if someone can answer me it would be great..this software is also available in steam which is nice so if i buy this software from steam do i need to have steam running in the background or will it works in offline mode as well...i mostly play battlefield will steam version allow me to add files from battlefield ? or its only compatible with steam games..thanks in advance