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  1. It would be if I played Skyrim but fallout 3 is pretty quick
  2. As a comparison below is my memory underclocked to 2400 @ 10,12,12,32 So why you might ask do I run at 2666 @ 11,13,13,35. Simple as in the real world it gives me the best performance in the programs that I use on a daily basis. It was interesting none the less to see the differences in performance here. I build 2-3 high end machines most months so if I get hold of some really nice uber fast ram I will try Dimmdrive on it to compare. The next x99 with ddr4 I build I will compare my results I wont hold my breath though as the 5 Haswell-E systems I have built have not impressed me for the price point of them and ddr4 timings are very loose but that may improve with time.
  3. Ok so just for a laugh and because Deadmeat553 asked nicely I ran a "quick" overclock. Could not post at 3000 but all went well at 2933Mhz @ 12,14,14,36 results are below and not the increase some may expect. The increase in timings account for a big loss in performance. I would imagine that under clocking and tighter timings would produce slightly better results here.
  4. Thats correct the standard speed is 2666 @ 11,13,13,35 running 1.65v. In my experience Haswell chips prefer 1.5v memory so you can normaly push the memory voltage a bit higher to overclock. My memory is kind of overclocked out of the box hence the 1.65v and fairly tight timings. From memory I had it running at 3000 mhz at around 12,14,14,36 If I get a chance I will see if I can dig out my notes from when I built this system overclocking is not a 5 minute job. I would guess it took around 100 hrs of testing to get my rig to the level it is at now and be 100% stable. Some of the CAD and 3D renders push this machine to 100% cpu load for 20 hrs at a time doing stress testing on 3D structure assemblies. You dont want a crash @ 98% of a 20 hour run ;-) Not sure I would expect 20,000 MB/s at those timings but we will see. I will see what I can do
  5. The figures I have posted above are all NOT overclocked on the ram I am using the XMP profile. I CAN overclock the ram to 3000 but haswell chips don't like the memory voltage too high and my rig is overclocked to be 100% stable as I cannot afford a crash while working on complex 3d models. Get posting them screenshots Tim that PCI-e X4 is giving you some nice performance.
  6. I might do that I don't use forums/community stuff much always got my head in 3D models lol. Might take a few mins and upload them. I have now upload the first shot to the community page http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=372427713
  7. Memory info below from Aida64 and CPUZ. You can only get the memory from Overclockers in the Uk as far as I am aware. Nice memory though and I have overclocked it to 3000mhz with the same timnings in the past but my chip does not like running overclocked with overclocked memory as well so I just run the XMP profile on the memory.
  8. I have just updated to the steam version and re ran the above benchmark on the Dimmdrive and the results are below...very impressed with the software. I use Gimp photo editing software a lot and it usually take around 10-12 seconds to load from my ssd. With Gimp running from the Dimmdrive its open in around 1 second. I have also tried Dimmdrive with SolidWorks 2014 and load times have been massivly increased on the program and my complex 3000 parts plus models.
  9. I just bought Dimmdrive so I thought I would post some benchmark results. The specs of my gaming rig are as follows. CPU: i7-4790K OC @ 4800 Vcore @ 1.255v Uncore @ 45 VCCRING 1.171v Mobo: Asus Maximus VII Ranger Memory: TeamGroup Xtreem LV 8GB 2666 MHz x 2 16GB Total GPU: 2 x SLI Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming OC @ 1500MHz PSU: Coolermaster Vanguard 850W 80+ Gold DRIVE CAGE: ICY DOCK MB994SP-4SB-1 4x2.5 DRIVES: Plextor PX-G128M6e 128 GB M.2 PCI-E SSD Crucial CT240M500SSD4 240 GB in M.2 SSD to 2.5" adapter tray SATA (6Gb/s) OCZ-Vertex 450 SATA (6Gb/s) LOTS MORE HOT SWAP SSD's CASE: COOLER MASTER HAF XB COOLING: CPU NEPTON 140XL AIO WATER As you can see from the benchmark results Dimmdrive certainly is fast really impressed thus far.