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  1. Thanks a lot bud, great answers
  2. I know that, I'm just wondering how I manage the memory my OS requires vs what I can use for apps that I would want to run so I don't mess up everything
  3. Now when it comes to OS and other operations, how do I manage that vs. what I would tell this program to do? What will happen if I try to ALT-TAB a program in and out, thus using up a different type of data that would be normally used within the program. Just want to make sure that there's a safe way to ensure that both my OS has what it needs and that I don't corrupt any exchanged data. Also want to make sure my existing program doesn't go down.
  4. Guess I shall give this a go Have you noticed a large increase in performance? what games do you play? is it hard to setup one-click profiles?
  5. Thats cool, I understand it. I have high quality Patriot RAM with heatsinks and the works, but I'm just trying to make sure that I cover all my bases when it comes to trying out this product Makes a lot more sense though, thank you. I do only have 8gb of RAM, are there options for those who are literally at the "acceptable" required RAM ? 4-8 is usually the norm but I understand that this program encourages vital participation of excess memory that you have.
  6. So would it be wrong to assume this doesn't produce more heat from the ram as well? Sorry if I come across as being naive, but I'm wondering how allocating a game to RAM would be considered " normal use "
  7. I am adoring this program so far and what it is trying to do but my friends have skeptical questions before jumping in. Does DIMMDRIVE reduce the life expectancy of your RAM by making it work more? I would arguably say it wouldn't as you are telling your computer WHERE to look for the files before hand. If you could Tim, please shed some light on this question Thank you very much!