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  1. No, it's about temporary "moving" games, the same way dimmdrive doeas it into the ramdisk. A ramdisk is nothing else then a fixed or sometimes dynamic space allocated in ram for the use as a drive with a file system. Then dimmdrive is copying all the selected files into this "virtual disk" and symlinks everything correctly. Yes, I could copy, or even install (steam let's me choose since some time now) the games where ever I want. But I don't want to have the games always installed on my SSD and I don't want to copy the games for a gaming session, create the appropriate symlinks every time by hand, then copy everything back when i'm finished to have my gamefiles synced, when I could have this awesome software do that : D The read speed from the HD to the ramdisk or to the SSD would be exactly the same (saying the read speed of the HD is the limiting factor). So no time lost there and the access speed from the ram is way way faster than from the SSD. But in my tests it apparently never made a huge difference. Big difference between HD and dimmdrive, but not between SSD and dimmedrive. Other users also experienced same results: Doesn't make dimmdrive less attractive for me, but it would be even more awesome if I could use my SSD for bigger games like battlefield, star citizen etc...
  2. If I understood it correctly, the thumb drive option is only for faster loading speeds into the ramdisk Something like a fast cache for dimmdrive. I think it would be great to have the possibility of creating the "dimmdrive" on the SSD. I know the big boost is then gone, but since I'm barely noticing differences in loading speeds between dimmdrive and my ssd, it would be fine for me. I'm just not able to install all the games on my SSD.
  3. I have 16GB of ram, so I usally use 8GB for DIMM. Since Battlefield 4 now uses over 50GB I moved it away from my SSD onto my 2TB HD. For games <8GB, loading stuff into ram is easy and fast, but battlefield uses almost all of its huge .cas files equaly, so no chance for me and my 8GB. How about an option to make a dimm disk on the SSD?! This way I don't need to copy my games back and forth and I can use SSD space temporarily for my games and stuff, if i need it. That would be an awesome feature! Cheers.