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  1. lol I have downloaded alot on multiple hdds/sdd here is one of them and the benefit is faster write speeds because using Dimmdrive and aswell not have to wait for torrents to process when done being downloaded and as well load extremely fast on media players like ( VLC / windows media player / ect ect )
  2. I am having no issues/problems lol just wanted others to know that they could use dimmdrive with Bittorrent
  3. Nice scores!
  4. Just passing info along because I been using it for years works great for me I understand
  5. well i am not using it with .exe I am using it as a storage drive ( but moved *myself* to main drive ) by just having torrent be downloaded right on the drive (made by dimmdrive)
  6. I recommend removing AVG and try out malwarebytes way better!
  7. i was wondering if it would work and yes it did damnn... very fast writing 0.0 *drooling* (WARNING WHEN DOWNLOAD WAS DONE I MOVED IT TO MY MAIN DRIVE) DO NOT KEEP FILES ON THERE THEY BE WIPE WHEN YOU TURN OFF DIMMDRIVE
  8. Download:
  9. My main HDD: Now using Dimmdrive with only 2gb drive test *I be using 9.9gb with Dimmdrive*: My setup: ram: 16gb 2133mhz patriot viper 3
  10. When I try to add the .exe to my apps but when I do it crashes the dimmdrive and also wipes my hole list I don't need it to work for that but its okay just wanted to inform you guys!