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  1. Hey, How do I remove an item from last dimmdrive that has since been removed. Because the game has been removed, it no longer appears there in dimmdrive for me to turn off; I also cannot remember which of the many games I own that was on the dimm, and now that I want to add a 6-7gb game to a dimm to improve performance, there is this 17gb ghost in the machine. Send help.
  2. I have noticed some of these sorts of results with smaller games. Although not all. I found dimmdrive to be super crisp and effective on bastion. Some other smaller games I think appear to not get you any noticeable rise because they are so light and limited that they run almost faultlessly at a normal hard drive speed. There is no way to make a game suddenly faster than the speed it is. Geometry wars isn't necessarily going to be any more challenging, you know? The biggest gains I have experienced with dimmdrive is in games like titanfall. Call any audio and textures you can into a drive for the main maps and you find a really nice added responsiveness when the s*it hits the fan in game. I was using 8gb but encouraged by the improvement in titanfall performance when I put the effort into picking the right files, I stumped up for two 8gb of the same speed as my original ram, resulting in 24gb of usable ram. And it's something of an investment because it holds its value and will even in the dawn of x99 so you should be able to shift the additional sticks for most of your money back if you end up going to the new next year, or take it into your new build with you if you plan to maybe snag a cheap top end i7 by next year. Either way your mark scores for each drive seem as though they are all working about right. Maybe its a case of looking at some other games that have been known to have mental load times. Like... skyrim. Saw grest gains when I tried that. If I get time I will put together some nondimm and dimmdrive results.
  3. I am getting a monster computer later in this year. Is it just me that gets a little bit happy inside at the thought of 32gb of ddr4 dimmdrive... When someone gets a chance your end, Tim, or someone in the community who might already be lucky enough to rocking this setup, please do run dimmdrive from that. I would love to see the results and analysis.
  4. Hello Tim and everyone else, Could you please give actual opinion/ experience/factual knowledge on which will give me stronger performance in game and productivity when saddled by dimmdrive, please: 8gb (2x4gb) 2133MHz Corsair Vengeance Pro OR 16gb (2x8gb) 1600MHz Crucial Ballistix Sport? If you would recommend the larger yet slower RAM, what would you say is your opinion on: 16gb (4x4gb) 2133MHz Corsair Vengeance Pro OR 16gb (2x8gb) 1600MHz Crucial Ballistix Sport ?
  5. Hey Tim, System Info: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit 8GB RAM ddr3 SSD for boot, HHD for games Have Steam Bug: Previously opened and dimmdrived program (IMVU in this instance) not able to be re-added to the apps section, having removed it (I believe) with the trash can option within the "less ram" option. I get this message: Image of Error Message
  6. Great news. And finally: I hear from you about the later solution to the less ram option. In the mean time, when I am setting up a RAM drive on say an 8GB setup... and I am taking say... 1.6GB of chrome in, should I set the Drive space to 1.7GB? Or more? Obviously in your video you just have a 6gb dimmdrive set up, but with say... a game like Titanfall, 8gb of ram, 1.7-2.0gb of files, plus all the files of titanfall that aren't on the dimm that are needed in play, le crash is coming. Would you perhaps take like... 1GB in this situation of the most commonly used smaller files, or one or two large ones - and again, would you cap the dimm at 1.1GB to allow the remainder to be used the files that will still need to be called. Thanks for the help - I think I'm almost there with all this.
  7. Okay thank you for your advice. The timings of the 8GB and the 4GB sticks will all be the same. I checked that in advance. I was just wondering whether it would work fine with two eights and two fours as a six month stop gap between acquiring two more 8GB for a board maximum of 32gb?
  8. Well, in any capacity you need some help, let me know.
  9. Firstly, thank you MUST go out to Tim for making this wonderful product. I have had it less than 24 hours (after deciding to punt on it after about 24 minutes ) and it's been revolutionary. The potential uses in application for me, both in work and play, are almost too numerous to mention. FYI: great work on the improved interface - I get where you were going with the old design, but it was seriously not befitting of the utter workhorse you have built. The new userface is a leap in the right direction. And so to my first three questions that spring from using it: 1. USB 3.0 TURBO: How secure and ... effective is the USB 3.0 Turbo feature. Primarily: are these USB sticks on borrowed time if I use them as a RAM drive, and is it a temporary measure or something I can count on as readily as my RAM? 2. DRIVE SIZE: I currently have 8GB (2X4GB) Crucial Ballistix 1600Mhz RAM. When it comes to my standard system running a very low key start up, I tend to sit about 1.5-1.7GB in use, according to Dimmdrive and Tack manager (2GB with Chrome open). Say, I wish to play TitanFall, which is obviously huuuuge (54GB - mainly uncompressed audio). Say I have used the Process Monitor to work out the most used files only. Here we hit the crux: with a file this big, the list of used files over 15 minutes of play could take me past 8GB. Could you please: Use the above example to explain how big you would make the dimmdrive in this above situation? Like... whether you would take 2GB of the most used files, or 4gb of them. Whether you would make the dimm slightly larger or a fair bit larger than the files in there, or whether you keep the drive size tight. Would you take two large used files on to the dimm, or opt for like two folders worth of regularly used smaller files? FYI: It would be really neat if you saved yourself the work load as soon as possible and let your users help in picking optimal game settings and important files to dimm, etc. For instance, if we completed an app or game load out that we are happy runs at a nice improvement rate, we could hit an icon next to the star icon and boom, you have the load out of selected files for that game. Collate that together and you have real-world application usage data that is tailored to ram size. And we will all be able to sleep soundly knowing that drop box laziness is only a year away. 3. RAM QUESTION: for Christmas I placed an order on two 8GB DDR3 Crucial Ballistix RAM. It is the same specs and stats and model as my current two 4GB DDR3 sticks, only I wanted and needed more for making the most of my 3D software needs with dimmdrive. I have a buyer for the other two 4gb sticks, however, I was wondering whether there is any chance that they may indeed still work, seeing as they are literally the same brand and speed and... 8GB x 2 that are Coming 4GB x 2 That I Have Do you think they will work happily enough together, or think it's at least worth a try? Anyone can obviously say that trope of anything over 8gb being overkill but I make my RAM tap out regularly with Photoshop and Blender and such, so this is essential to me to have more. If I have 16GB, what would you say would be the maximum you would set aside for a dimmdrive, with enough room for any parts of the game that aren't on the dimm to execute, windows, et al? And what would you make the maximum size if the 24GB works out? Thank you so much again for this great product.
  10. I may know someone. If you can PM me some specifics then I can at least ask him whether he can do it and is interested in the work.