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  1. I have a question, can I use Dimmdrive with a game that is fully symlinked through Dropbox, like the WHOLE game folder is being synced by dropbox, as in the WHOLE game folder is in the Dropbox folder being synced, not just the savedata, but the WHOLE game.. I would like to know if I am okay to use Dimmdrive with such a game... Will that work or will the symlinks conflict? Thanks, Jimmy
  2. Nope that did not work
  3. Okay. So I have the Dimmdrive installation non steam. That worked great. I got the steam key, and installed the steam version. I then uninstalled the non steam version so I only had the steam one. I figure I better do a fresh steam install since I did not follow the instructions properly and I go to install the steam version. When I hit launch app it comes up and tells me to install the service, I go throug it, and it stops at starting service, goes to registering product and then goes straight to rolling back actions. Then it says that the installer failed because of an error. I have rebooted and reinstalled about 8 times and it still does not work. The non steam version also does the same thing when it is in the setup. I really like this software (when it worked) and would like it to work again. I have also tried disabling my Bitdefender entirely and the HTTP scanning and everything. I have also tried to screw with the registry. That had no effect. Please help
  4. I would also like a key please!
  5. It would be cool to be able to rename the programs stored in the Apps tab. For example being able to rename "bf4" to Battlefield 4