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  1. So when I got dd(dimmdrive) around 3 months ago I used a PC which has an AMD board with 32Gb's of ram. Now as an avid gamer I was trying out Farcry 4 and deadrising 3 with dimmdrive and if any of you run those games in dd then you'd know how large they are in the game menu. Dimmdrive would say the memory ran abit short as both games were slightly above 32Gb's in size. Then I ran an intel PC with 64Gb's of ram and the problem didn't exist any more. I like dimmdrive because it shows your entire steam library as long as your games are downloaded on your PC,and it knows how to put your PC's ram to work that's for sure. For those that might want to know how big the 2 triple A games I ran were:Farcry 4 = 33.9Gb's & Deadrising 3 = 34.1Gb's
  2. Tim, thanx for replying....Ill wait for the fix,perhaps you can keep me abreast as to when or if that happens. No,Win8 Pro [64] has always shown my drive's as they are(no sandisk here) Also just for shits and giggles I'm going to purchase two more thumb drives of reputable names above 32 Gb's and look into this a bit deeper.I will keep you abreast. Really would of looked forward to playin some triple A games. The future will soon be throwing games over 32 Gb's at the public. I'm sure we'll be seeing that sometime soon in 2015 --------J.Ceci Dimmdrive is a blessing so would USB 3.0 Turbo if it worked
  3. steam..... newest version of dimm
  4. I have a 32Gb thumb drive which is the 3.0 Kingston datatraveler G3 100 plugged in to a 3.0 port on my system.I set the drive size in USB 3.0 Turbo from 29 Gb's to anywhere under that as my system shows my thumb drive as 29.2 Gb's.I click the USB button and nothing happens as I can continuously keep clicking it[As though its not engaged]. Now the USB configuration window shows my thumb drive highlighted in blue,I click next and it says "dimmdrive is able to use the selected USB drive" So I click finish and go back to games tab on dimmdrive to see farcry 4 or deadrising 3 both games from low 30 - 40 Gb's wont engage and a pop-up saying "the USB device you have selected has dimmdrive app's on it that are currently active" even after I re-format the thumb drive with nothing on it. I have tried numerous combinations of attempts like unclicking auto -load or synchronizing boxe's as well as changing drive letter..I need special help as I feel like a retard here beating a dead horse........... I have Steam's version of Dimmdrive 2.0.9 Just-in case you need to know what's under the hood: MSI-890 FXA GD70 AMD Phenom II X6 1100T 3.3GHz AMD Radeon R9 290X 4Gb's 4-8Gb's stix AMD R9 DDR3 2400 PC3 19200 1-Samsung EVO 750 Gb's SSD 1-Samsung EVO 500 Gb's SSD 2-WD Rapture's 300 Gb's 10,000 RPM's Thank you