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  1. Hmmmm, I don't know what I was doing different but the isue just went away!!! I swear I launch my stuff the same way but the issue is no more !
  2. Yes, I keep getting that with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. I have to close Dimmdrive and open it again ( I use the Steam version ) and then its ok, but my game keeps saying "Detected unclean shutdown" even though I exited the game in a proper way! Then it (CoD) says "start in safe mode, yes/no?" and I start normal anyway and it's all good but it means that something doesn't close properly. I am pretty resourceful so I get around it but it's annoying since I play the game everyday and then switch to a "story" game later. I do turn off Dimmdrive when exiting CoD - I don't just kill it someway with Task managaer or Force Shut down, therefore Dimmdrive doesn't clean up after itself somehow. Any one else??
  3. the Steam edition I noticed automatically recognized my games on drive E, F, and G. Ya I got 3 externals !!!
  4. For BF4, I'm gonna buy windows 8.1 or 10 and 64GB of ram and dimm the whole friggin game! Just can't decide if I want to wait for w10 or just "upgrade" to w8.1. Games like CoD AW I dimmed the two huge imagefile36.pak and imagefile38.pak (5 gigs !!) plus some oddball files I figured would matter and now I'm in the new map waiting for laggards !! I'm usually one of the first two deployed.
  5. Tim responded within 5 minutes to my request. And now the Steam edition "sees" all my games (I got 3 hdd's !)
  6. Me too please!
  7. Thanks for the swift reply Tim. I still like the product. What version of windws would you recommens so I can max out my RAM? Windows 8.1 or wait for win.10? Right now I got w7 home premium with 16gig cap, 4770k oc to 4.3, and gtx680 4gig edition. Thanks.
  8. I just bought a 128 gig Usb 3 stick hoping to throw Call of Duty Advanced Warfare on it. Here is my problem: I got 16 gigs of ram so I can't put anything on the usb 3 bigger than my Dimmdrive that I create. When I try to create a 100 gig Dimmdrive I can't because my huge usb 3 is capped with what actual ram I have installed. How do I tell Dim drive to create a huge drive on my usb 3 with out being limited by my RAM? What appears to happen is that if I create a 8 gig ram disk, it thinks that I got a 8 gig usb 3 drive only too. How to tell it to ignore my 16 gig ram and use usb 3 128 gig flash drive ?? HELP ! I bought Dimmdrive because when I heard I don't need a ssd but could use USB 3 speed I jumped righ in! Thanks.