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  1. Tim; Cinoaz had some really genius idea here...if |his| suggestion for implementation into Dimmdrive natively is possible whatsoever, you seriously should consider it. Dimmdrive is p h a n t a s t i c(!) Period. - When I build up my new machine last year, I've gone for an micro setup; albeit max. performance possible (Asus Maximus Impact VII) Unfortunally, this MB only supports 16GB RAM and JUST 2 weeks later, I decided to purchase Dimmdrive. Arrgh. Would I've only known better before, I would've gone for an complete different machine setup; supporting 64GB RAM. So now - for nowadays heavyhitters like GTA V, Just Cause 3, Fallout 4 and MGS 5... there is waaay to less RAM avaiable here and its (sorry) a pain in the ass to select most used files via procmon - only to lose setup every time one needs to reinstall an new version of Dimmdrive and do it all over again. So Tim;..pretty please? No really; please open up an special Donation link, if necesarry - but please make it happen, like Cinoaz suggested - this would be really (really!) cool. Thank you for listening...
  2. Dear Tim...still only able to download the 2.1.3 non-Steam version as of today/now from here. If the 2.1.4 is ready, can we have it please? Thanks for all your efforts; great software!