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  1. Howdy, First off, I just bought DimmDrive, and am loving it. Simple to use, and significantly improves load times even compared to my SSD, but I've found what appears to be a 'problem' in that if an executable isn't in the root directory of a game/app, DimmDrive will only load the directory the executable is in, then down the tree. At which point I thought, no problem, I'll just configure it to step up the tree to the correct root...hmmm I can't appear to do that. Am I correct in thinking the only way to get it to use the correct full directory is to do this manually? I had initially assumed that I could just set the root directory manually, but it appears that the app assumes the executable location is the root, rather than being a seperate manually configurable setting (for instance, pretty much all UE3 games will have this problem). Is there perhaps a way to manually set this somehow (say in a config)? I'd really rather not have to go through a laborious install to the DimmDrive, or manually set symbolic links (which I can, I'd just rather the app do it for me) every time I want to play a non-steam game that I'd like to load up in DimmDrive. Otherwise, great app! I'm going to put it through it's paces for a few days, and post about it on Ars Technica's GESC forum, as well as hit up some of the Ars writers to see if they'd be willing to do up an article as well. An app like this should really get more exposure. Jebus