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  1. Hi, First of All. Congrats on getting Dimmdrive on Steam. I'm not reporting a bug, but more a feature wich i think will be very nescary for Dimmdrive users. The point is this: If dimmdive loaded all the apps and games and is functioning properly, there is no isiue whatsoever. BUT.......Is the rig running Dimmdrive crashes, and this is a common thing gamerrigs have to deal with, since overclocking etc. bringing the rig to its limmits is what every gamer wants to do. Crashes are inevitable then. If a Machine crashes and reboots instantly, the simlinks are not removed and next time one wants to use Dimmdrive there will be an error during loadingtime. It says: Dimmdrive was not able to create the simlinks needed. I think this is due to fact that they are allready threre. My question for this case is: can you make a cleanup utilitie for removing old/broken simlinks in the game and app directories. I could solve this problem only bu doing it by hand. Not everybody will be able or will know how to do that, furthermore its a tedious proces. A one button cleanup for this situation would be very nice. Cheers!! Go for it, i love the product. Mart Baaren
  2. Tim, When is this Beta released, if i may ask? I'm very curious for the looks, feel and functionality. greetings, Mart
  3. Hello, Would really like to participate in this. I have two systems: 1. PC Windows 8, 16Gb Ram, 256 Samsung SSD for OS, 2 Tb Raid HD for games etc,, about 16 Games within Steam 2. HP Laptop Windows 10 Tech Preview, 8 Gb Ram, 500gb HDD, about 6 Games installed in steam, Cheers, Do Like the Program, Mart Baaren