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  1. I too find that popup very annoying, any hint on how to disable it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Yeah, I'm just wondering why it isn't 2.0.3 You already posted a 2.0.2 in Post #32 ( Or am I going all wrong about version numbering?
  3. I'm sorry, Tim, but isn't 2.0.2 beta the current build? Maybe the link is wrong?
  4. Dear Tim I have found several bugs in BETA 2.0.2 and will do my best to report them here. OS: WIndows 8.1 Pro 64bit Amount of RAM: 32GB 1600MHz HD for boot, HD for games: All on one SSD, Samsung 840 Evo 500GB Have Steam? Yeah What I have tried so far to resolve these bugs was deleting and rebuilding SteamAppData.vdf and config.vdf as well as completely uninstalling and reinstalling DD. No joy :-( Bug #1: HD Benchmark can only be opened once. After you close it, you have to restart DD to open it again. Steps To Reproduce Bug #1: 1) Open DD 2) Go to "SETTINGS" and click on "HD Benchmark" 3) Close the HD Benchmark window 4) Repeat 2) -> Nothing happens Bug #2: The APPS section has some weird behavior when removing apps. Steps To Reproduce Bug #2: 1) Open DD 2) Go to "APPS" and add an app by dragging and dropping a .lnk file onto it 3) Click the small wrench icon next to the newly added app 4) Click the trash bin icon in the upcoming window and confirm, that you wish to remove it 5) The app is still there in the "APPS" section 6) Restart DD and the app is gone (Even weirder stuff happens when adding multiple APPS in 2), it completely garbles up the apps list) Bug #3: Steam games display neither size nor last enabled date. Steps To Reproduce Bug #3: 1) Open DD 2) Look at the games list Bug #4: Not really a bug, but I have the feeling that loading my games list still takes exactly as long as before. Steps To Reproduce Bug #4: 1) Open DD 2) Look at the games list
  5. Just to clarify: File sync is implemented in the BETA, it is only missing from the GUI and working silently in the background, I just tested it.
  6. Your O/S Version -> Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit Amount of RAM you have -> 32GB 1600MHz Estimated # of Steam Games/Apps Installed -> 50 If you use the "Other Programs" area of Dimmdrive -> yeah, mostly for GOG games Any other comments on how you use Dimmdrive is appreciated -> I use it exclusively for gaming