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  1. I have ran tests in crystaldiskmark, they are certainly far faster than my ssd, but Why is it the load time is the same as the ssd is the thing I do not understand.
  2. Why do I almost always see a gig free on the ram drive after its done moving the game? I usually have only been leaving .2 difference.
  3. So far I am not seeing any speed difference really from this to my SSD. Is something configured incorrectly on my machine or something?
  4. 1600, cas 9. game is 6 gigs. ram drive is 7. Page file is off to prevent paging to hard drive, 16 gb of ram.
  5. So I have been doing some testing, and I had seen someone else say they were having the same expirience as this, I did some testing and my load time is almost exactly the same as my friend's computer running an SSD. any idea's why a ram drive would be running so slow? as to the actual speed reports its saying around 6000 read seq and 5400 write seq. smaller files the 4k ones are around 600 read and 550 write.
  6. War you will have to let me know if you see any real difference, I am going to be loading up fraps for a few games and see if it is actually making a difference. If its purly load time that it helps me on then I wasted my time. only found afterwards that the money back thing is not really an option.
  7. I understand it should boost the load time, which I am all for however I would much rather see some fraps comparison.
  8. your games would all be under the steams folder, so all of the steam games you have installed it will do that with. you shouldn't need to load steam like that however, it will detect your steam games and you can then configure them how you wish.
  9. ok that makes sense. guess I will await confirmation. but I will go forward with that in mind.
  10. Have you considered setting dimm drive up to be able to do tiered storage? Basically having it monitor for what tasks over time are accessed the most and then moved to the faster drive I.E. ssd and then to the ram drive? Also I would love to be able to use dimm drive for taking games from my 7200rpm drive to my ssd without needing to reinstall. (yes I can do it myself with symlinks but its a hassel)
  11. So you are stating that unlike many of our games we would have to buy multiple copies to use this program if we were to want to use it on our laptop instead of our desktop when we are out at a lan party?
  12. I would love to see a section where I already highlighted a few games as favorites. I have a lot of games already loaded on my machine and its annoying tracking them down in such a small window. I have seen a bit of a difference in my game play from this thus far but I am not sure if its a placebo effect or not, going to do more testing to find out.
  13. I had the same issue, I had to reset my password to get it to work. I might have fat fingered it when I first entered it, not sure but that is how I fixed it.
  14. this would have to be done when the ram drive is being created but he is correct, it might give you more space but it would depend on how much duplicate data the game actually uses, more likely the compression will give greater benifit if you have a lot of extra cpu cycles. (such as mine since I have 8 cores and most games don't touch beyond 4 most only use 2)