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  1. #1 -> I just tested in office and I couldn't recreate it either with the test folder. I'll have to redo stuff when I get home. Can i possibly have side-by-side installations somehow (without invoking VM) ? I really don't want to go through uninstall and reinstall cycle redoing all my config again. (perhaps backup some config folder? it's a .net app so I'm assuming %userprofile%\apps\2.0\... might be one place i could back up from?) #2 -> I can't rdp in right now for some reason, so I'll try to do this again when i get home and post SS Config changes, yes I agree this is a low priority thing while we're in flux but thank you for the import/export for final product in advance Something else to consider for final product: have MSI upgrade guid implemented properly so that MSI can figure out that its a newer version and not a product that's already installed. I'm not sure if basic MSI supports the automatic upgrades like this as I've only been using installshield stuff when i had to create MSIs but thought I'll throw it out there. Also: while I may be throwing spanners in your works, i'm also happy to help with fixes if you ever wish to get into some private conversation about some fix or feel free to come grab me in under same name.
  2. I guess i'm a unique user in that I've run into bugs that nobody else seems to have noticed. Setup: Dimmdrive 2.0.2 beta on Windows 8.1.1 x64 with 32gb ram and no steam games (I don't use steam & I got dimmdrive purely for custom programs / games) Bugs: 1. Drag & drop of folders no longer works. The dropped folders do show up in programs section as usual but when dimmdrive is started the folders are no longer loaded like they used to in last version. 2. Selective load of content isn't being taken into account when I load content and for whatever reason, it kept complaining about not enough space. I was trying to load 14.1 gb of 16gb which didn't work even in a 24gb dimmdrive. Loading the entire thing works fine. (of course this works fine in current stable version) 3. Trying to delete the custom entries by clicking the recycle bin icon, I'm presented with duplicate entries somehow rather than removing the entries (though they are actually removed because upon restart of program, they're not there) I pretty much uninstalled the beta at this point and reverted back to stable version which while annoying with libcef version, at least works fine otherwise. Feature request: Your program should honor the existing custom program settings rather than starting from scratch because having to do all custom program mappings all over again is a pain and I've already done three times just to test this version. (once to originally set everything up, then to install beta and do it all over again, then again to set it back in stable version)
  3. Nah, there's no AV not even defender is running. While i do have multiple resident applications running, they're all standalone and non-intrusive. I researched a bit around for the AccessViolation (0xc00...05) that's happening in libcef and it seems to be affecting multiple applications. So I'm afraid while it'll go away with dimmdrives next version, I'll still be dealing with it in overwolf (time to head over there and report there too i guess!) I'll go sign up for beta access and see if i can find any bug there! Thanks for your attention Tim
  4. Indeed, RDPing back into home machine has triggered this bug again. So while it might be something particular with my setup, its definitely reproducible. I'll stop updating this thread now and hope that new version isn't far away Edit: Interesting, finding that confirms my CEF suspicion i think. I installed Overwolf that also uses libcef and it crashed upon my relogin from rdp as well! So its definitely something with libcef.dll but since i don't have any debug symbols, I can't really tell you where exactly did it die (well in dimmdrives case there's no exception surfacing so I guess it wouldn't matter even if i had symbols)
  5. Nah Dimmdrive is the only thing that has done this. I've done a fresh login now and I'll rdp again tomorrow from office and see if i can retrigger this. it may be something CEF related, but if its going away, i guess we can ignore this and I'll just keep closing the tab. Appreciate the quick responses. Edit: for this fresh session i can see tinybrowser in its normal place and if i lock / unlock the webpage isn't triggered. So basically need to some how crash the CEF WebView control I think to get it to open in my default browser (that's my current working theory ).
  6. Nope.. its automatic even before i get to see the screen, dimmdrive automatically opens up the tinybrowser page in chrome. I'm on Chrome Version 37.0.2062.124 m on Windows 8.1.1. RDPing from Windows 2012 R2 Update 1 as well as Windows Technical Preview (10). Is there any sort of monitoring i can attach to see what triggers this? Also worth pointing out i think, the actual place where tinybrowser should be in dimmdrive is actually blank. In case anybody's curious about 100% cpu, that's my WCGrid running so the cpu is never idle.
  7. Interesting, i just noticed that dimmdrive did this same thing now that I unlocked my pc when i got home! pretty odd!
  8. As the topic suggest, every single time I rdp into my machine, i'm greeted with dimmdrives tinybrowser page inside chrome (my default browser) which basically gives me the same message that you'd normally get inside dimmdrive: "See Dimmdrive in action with Steam!! here!" Is this something that I've done or is it a bug that is manifesting because of rdp login? (I've never noticed it on my normal login but then i don't do normal logins a lot as my machine runs 24/7) Any clues as to what I can do to fix this other then "have you tried turning it off and on again". I'm a developer myself and turning it off and on isn't really a solution. It merely implies that there's a bug that needs tracking down, so help me help you track it down! Gracias for the software btw! Your symlink usage is brilliant. I had been doing that manually on other ram drives but since you've automated that, that alone was worth spending money on! (hello instant VS!)