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  1. Very nice. I really hope it`ll work out!
  2. Hey Tim, i'm running the BETA 2.02 and until now it's doing fine. I Really like the new GUI. However, there's one thing i miss - didn't you implement a "minimize to tray" - button or am i just too dumb to find it?
  3. Hey Tim, i would like to give it a shot as well - Your O/S Version → Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit Amount of RAM you have → 32 GB Estimated # of Steam Games/Apps Installed → 302 If you use the "Other Programs" area of Dimmdrive → Yes Any other comments on how you use Dimmdrive is appreciated → Games, Firefox, whatever comes to my mind could benefit from Ramdisk.
  4. I tried out Outlast yesterday in a 3 hour session with DD and i didn't have any loadtimes at all anymore. Some places took about 3-5 seconds loading, but now it isn't even a small glitch anymore, just a smooth experience, which helps a lot to immerse into a horrorgame Very nice! I'm very excited to see how other games work.
  5. Okay, i tried again - it took so long only the first time. When i restart the computer, it takes approximately 3-4 min until the entire list is loaded. When i close DD and start it again without restarting the computer, it only takes 1 min. I'm totally fine with that. It's just strange that the logos are not shown except for Garys Mod, Tombraider and Rush. Those 3 logos are in %appdata%\dimmdrive\cache aswell. But that doesn't bother me really :-)
  6. Hey guys, i'm just using dimmdrive the first time and i'm wondering about the gamelist. The program's running for 15 minutes now and is still loading games from my steam directory (which is a good thing i guess). My question is, is there any possible way to speed up the list? I've got roundabout 270 steamgames installed on my HDD and it seems dimmdrive gets them all, but it takes quite a time until it's completed. All games until letter "F" are loaded nearly instantly upon startup, but then every game takes around 10 seconds and on most games the icons are missing. Can i maybe throw some of the games out of the list so that dimmdrive doesn't have to load it or is there maybe another problem with my pc or setup? It seems a little strange that a quarter of the games are loaded instantly and the rest takes so long. Hope you understand my problem :-) Thanks in advance! Linus