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  1. I have over 300 Steam games, so having to sift through them, even when they are in alphabetical order, is somewhat of a challenge. Having a search bar to filter and show only what I wish to find would greatly increase the convenience of the program.
  2. I don't know if this is the bug you fixed with the most recent version, but it crashed when I tried to Open Drive. Other than that, I really dig the whole UI change. The Steam games not taking 17 years to load up is much appreciated as well. <Tim Edit to keep post on topic for BETA, but def ask other questions in another post! Answer though is a definite no >
  3. As it currently stands, when I add The Sims 3 (A game with a ton of slowly loading items and a massive streaming world) it doesn't even see all the whole game folder. I understand why this might be (if it keeps looking for files that are in folders before it, it could be ridiculous and include all of the program files all together for all programs), there are many games that don't just have the .EXE located in the root of the game folder itself. My suggestion is to allow the customization of where the game's root folder is as an added advanced step.
  4. Windows 7 64 bit Home 16 GB 260 Games/Apps installed Yes, multiple things, but mostly for testing. I use browsers and video editors as well I try to test what will recieve the most benefit out of being ON the Dimmdrive before keeping it on there. I mostly just keep browsers on there for the long haul
  5. I really love the program and don't regret my purchase, but, quite frankly, I feel like I'm being treated as a potential thief with the log-in. I'm guessing it acts as some sort of DRM to prevent piracy, but the need to log in for an entirely local program is an inconvenience to the end user.