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  1. After testing the new version I'm sad to say, that it's still not creating a new drive letter. Is there anything I can do/help with, in order to get to the bottom of this problem?
  2. I have to add, that I received messages, that my memory was running out of space, with 32GB and nothing running. The only thing I did was trying to use dimmdrive. No problems after restarting the PC. The weird thing is, I didn't see any unusual memory usage, since I always have that on my desktop visible.
  3. I'm having a Problem with the newest version of Windows as well. Dimmdrive is not creating a new drive letter. It therefor doesn't copy stuff and is also not available once the game launches. I completly deinstalled Dimmdrive restart, reinstalled and restard, but the problem persist.
  4. Good morning, I'd like to request a feature, where it is either possible to launch more than one instance of dimmdrive and create a couple of different ram drives, or where you can handle this in a single instance, with selecting different drive letters for various games/folders or programs. It would enable you (for example) keep Firefox running on drive Z, while you change your current game from A to Game B on drive Y, without taking offline the drive Z with Firefox running. I'm currently unable to use Dimmdrive together with programms, because every time I want to play something I need to take the Drive offline first. Kind regards