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  1. Thanks for the feedback I did a bit more research, and I did find a great way to increase Google Chrome performance. Basically, you can create a Cache directory in your DimmDrive, and then modify the Google Chrome EXE file path to force it to use this Cache directory, instead of the one on your hard drive. You can learn more here: I've noticed a huge speed increase when opening multiple tabs. DimmDrive is already handling the most important parts of the Google Chrome program, but by setting a cache directory also on the DimmDrive - it makes it run super fast Hopefully that helps! Certainly worth the effort!
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Johnathan I just purchase DimmDrive and I need some help. I dragged my Google Chrome icon into the "other programs" section of DimmDrive and it seems to have loaded correctly. However, it still seems to run at roughly the same speed. Is there a better way to optimize Google Chrome other than just dragging the icon into DimmDrive? Should I be adding directories or other files that DimmDrive may not be aware of? Thanks for your help! Cheers, Johnathan