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  1. Sorry, I don't know what is causing Dimmdrive to not allow you to put in as high of a value as you feel you should be able to. For the time-being, until somebody else comes along that can help you, I suggest just using Dimmdrive's "Less RAM?" feature for your larger games.
  2. Well Dimmdrive automatically hides the RAM needed for your OS (like I have 32GB, but it only shows 31GB), but that does seem a bit excessive at a 4GB difference. I honestly can't recommend anything other than checking what the base amount RAM your OS is using (perhaps it is being inflated by some bloatware or viruses?). Other than that, I think your best bet is using the "Less RAM" feature for any games you can't entirely fit into Dimmdrive.
  3. How much RAM do you have in your computer?
  4. Well it sounds great. I'm definitely excited to try it out once you are ready to release it. I have plenty of tests that I'm curious to run with it.
  5. Awesome! I'm excited to try this out, and see what difference it makes in my gaming. Four more questions. Have you done any benchmark testing with and without CPUCore that you can share? Do you plan to release CPUCore on Steam if you are given the opportunity to do so? Do you plan on creating a new forum for CPUCore (Or perhaps just making a new mother-forum for CPUCore, Dimmdrive, and any other future programs you make)? What do you plan on setting the price for CPUCore at? $30, like Dimmdrive?
  6. So how does this work alongside Dimmdrive? I presume that you just load your game into Dimmdrive like normal, and then you need to launch it from within this program. If this is the case, have you considered offering a patch to Dimmdrive to make it so if you have both products, launching from Dimmdrive will automatically launch your game using this new program? --- Is CPUCores the final name, or are you still looking for inspiration? --- Would something like this, but for GPUs be possible in the future? --- When would you say that the first public release of this new product can be expected?
  7. This sounds amazing, but I have one main concern: Will this cause stability issues with games that don't natively use more than 1 core? If not, I assume you must be using some fancy trickery to make programs "think" that these multiple-cores are actually just one core. Sort of like a core funnel.
  8. Very top link on their newsletter. Yeah, that's interesting that they took the time to recognize Dimmdrive. It's even more interesting that they weren't super-supportive of it, given that it has lead numerous people (myself included) to buy more RAM, which is one of the top things they sell. Perhaps they have some sort of competition lined up for the future; perhaps some sort of Corsair software that offers similar functions to Dimmdrive? I don't know, just speculating.
  9. This was in Corsair's latest promotional email. Not really a great review, both in that is was fairly negative and that is somewhat missed what Dimmdrive is really for and what benefits it offers to gamers.
  10. Well I'm not a lawyer, but it sounds like you should definitely consult one before starting anything with this.
  11. I would love something like this, but you might have a bit of a difficult time. The legal status of emulation is a bit murky and probably best not messing around with if you intend to sell a program that does anything with it.
  12. Looks awesome! Will you be sending out automatic emails every time there is a giveaway? That could certainly encourage more participation. Hell, if you want to you could even use it to boost sales by offering free updates only to people with Dimmdrive account or Steam accounts that own Dimmdrive.
  13. Hey Tim, any news on further development of this idea?
  14. I use family sharing and I have had no issues with it and Dimmdrive