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  1. I don't use it for games only so do we get a free steam key as promised? And keep the existing one? Thank you
  2. so sometimes dimmdrive just causes an eror like if you forget to syncronize etc...and the second time you start it it will not work .... so when everything is set up a backu option would be nice... like save your config files etc. all the settings not just one....
  3. Is there any way we can save the cache of the selcted files we did the configuration ? Like in a game you need certain files cached , but when you unninstall you have to go through the same settings again. Also dimmdrive sometimes gives errors, and we need to reinstall/ redo the whole settings .
  4. ok thx...the old gui had the updates right at the updates and everything was right when you opened it...I kinda liked the old GUI better then this one
  5. When I launch dimmdrive always has a popup with follow me on twitter, That's really annnoying for me. If I select the option to be launched at startup I always get that. Is there a way i can disable it?
  6. I restarted and only started dimmdrive. still the same message. It's not the first time it does this one
  7. I am tired of always trying to make the software work. Clearley has some bugs with detecting the right files also I dragged and dropped the software here and I did not select it from steam games since I have to wait for about 5 minutes to detect any games and allways says the message you can see in my post. Steam was not opened, but with steam opened I have the same message. Same message I get even if I give dimmdrive 4 gb
  8. if I cant paste screenshiots here is taking a lot of my time pasting and recreating everything. I bought it and wanted to buy another copy for my friend but it does seem to have quite a few bugs unsolved yet The time I have I rather play ..... DOn't know what is wrong with detecting games......also some games I can't drag them in other apps to work.... I will make a video I think that isi better and easier for me
  9. new issue and instead of starting a new thread thought I write here I deleted the folder of dimmdrive from appdata /roaming because it's always failing on cs go on syncronizing files . After I did that and did every setting worked only again has issues. Also it takes about 5 minutes at least for the games to get detected in dimmdrive to show up . the ones from steam......
  10. i have a few games in steam and many of them go undetected. I also am using it for software (that's why I bought DD at first) Can I use dimmdrive in my virtual machine for software also? As for the games that go undetected ( 7 days to die, rust, dead island epidemic)
  11. I was saying that CS GO when launched it creates a file called html data 0 . After you exit the game it is deleted from hdd. I had it selected because I must have selected it when I had the game already launched. It does work now after I selected the top folder from it and other files from the folder. Also I am selecting the files after the number of writes on it because it's a mechanical drive , the number of reads on small files , after I select the the big ones and maps. Don't know if there is a difference between dimmdrive and ssd since I only have mechanical drives. (I have 5 of them)
  12. I didn't have a wrong folder . Steam just writes html data 0 when you play and i added the cs go before I exited steam or before it got deleted from hdd
  13. actually data 0 is not in the folder my bad sorry for the trouble ...but I still have symbolic link eror that might be just because I didn't exit steam fully and now the software tries to create symbolic links for files that aren't there I will let you know On the other note, can't we add symbolic links for folders so steam can write in them as it pleases? Because now we can also select the files, bit the symbolic links are created for folders? Ok I added folders and it looks like they created symbolic links. Alocated 100 mb more for the game to write whatever it wants during gameplay and it works fine now as far as I see. The only thing dimmdrive should have is a rescan button so I can rescan my folder
  14. ok I also added the game cause it doesn't create symbolic link. I added the exe from steam folder and now other files are missing . So when I select from steam detected ones in dimmdrive I don't have some files, and if I add the exe into other programs...I am missing other files. heres is the screenshot
  15. When I try selecting specific folders by access time and total number of events , some don't show up in file selection on dimmdrive. like cs go/materials/efects