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  1. Tim You Are The Best I Love The Steam Version And Tim Version Keep The Good Work.
  2. Hello: Do I Have To Buy Again From Steam? To Use The Steam Key? Thank You
  3. Hello: Do I Have To Buy The Steam Version? Or The Tim Version Work. I'm So Confuse Please Help. Thank You
  4. Yes You did Tim We Are A Big Winner, Congra Tim
  5. Hello: Tim.. Can You Make DimmDrive To Work Off Line Is A Plus.
  6. Tim.? You Are The Best. The First Time I See The Program buy The Program. The When I use The Program I Never Look Back This Is The Best Idea Ever Made. Thank You Tim For This Wonderful Program
  7. Keep The Good Work Tim. We Love You Work.
  8. DimmDrive Is Innovations With Styles. I Love Dimm And Tim.
  9. That Because DimmDrive Is Gamers Software For Gamer Like Me. We Love DimmDrive And For That Reason Is Getting Greenlit So Quickly Thank You Guys
  10. T.G.F. This Is A Winner We All Love DimmDrive Yup This Is It... Way To Go Tim
  11. Because I Love Dimmdrive I Vote Yes On Steam Hope everyone Vote Yes On Steam. Thank You Tim: For Make A Program Like This
  12. Hello: Tim something I miss from the other DImmDrive.. Is The: ( The CPU % And File Sync.)
  13. This is the best dimmdrive. I love this Greater Gamer Software. you are the greater Tim. I LOVEBEDDDDD The Best Gamer Software Ever.. Thank You TIM
  14. way they show I have to purchase? I uninstall like you say, but now say I have to purchase.