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  1. will i can see cpucore be good if you have more core. but i don't know if there a options to set what core you like to run games and steaming. but i know if you going to steaming it going to used up alot of cpu but that depends if you going to set your game max setting so it going to do alot more work for gpu and cpu.
  2. wow that is sick tim man i need to test this out for my new gaming pc i'm building this summer. time to save up money again lol
  3. today i read what happen at computex, Thermaltake have copy or stealing design from other company. this is sad that this happen and i hope the company do something about it. i think caselab is a amazing company and i love there cases. you can read all the stuff that is happen, i will leave a link http://www.overclock3d.net/reviews/cases_cooling/thermaltake_designs_at_computex_2015_look_familiar/1 https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1413341898991146&id=100009460486462&pnref=story
  4. it is harder to tell because i need to do some test but i like to get some for testing =) it can be faster now because we have the technology
  5. hello tim look at this http://hexus.net/tech/news/storage/83399-jedec-reveals-nvdimm-standard/ it look nice
  6. i think this going to be about $1899.99 up too maybe $2499.99 so you better off selling your legs and kidneys and blood to get that lol
  7. ya for sure but you need to take a look at this : http://hexus.net/tech/news/ram/68385-adata-sk-hynix-unveil-ddr4-memory-modules/ here the server motherboard that look sick for ram : http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/6101/supermicro-x9dr7-tf-intel-c602j-server-motherboard-review/index.html
  8. right now it going to be 128GB on a x99 mobo, too you get a server motherboard then it can go higher here a link of the server motherboard : http://www.tweaktown.com/articles/6666/overview-of-supermicro-s-ddr4-intel-xeon-c612-server-motherboards/index.html
  9. will right now G.skill have new kit of DDR4 16GB x 8 = 128GB, here the link : http://www.gskill.com/en/press/view/g-skill-announces-the-world%E2%80%99s-fastest--ddr4-128gb--16gbx8--memory-kit-at-2800mhz-
  10. Hello Tim it been a long time i been on the forum and the website. I decided to check see if there a new update for dimmdrive. i'm so happy now that this update fix my dimmdrive. last time dimmdrive dose not like to work for some reason, the last time for me to get it to work, I have to format my computer thx you Tim for the big update i'm happy keep up the good work o ya Tim i'm going to work on a new computer build soon. just waiting on the new Intel Broadwell-E (CPU) come out i'm think of getting into sub-zero phase change computer here the case : http://www.ldcooling.com/shop/ld-pc-v10-115v-usa/87-ld-pc-v10-115v-usa-phase-change.html here a video of linus build the sub-zero phase change computer :
  11. will i have page file turn off and my virtual memory to 8gb. but still don't know what happen
  12. it is all ok now i re-install windows 7 and i have dimmdrive working now. next time i will not be update dimmdrive anymore. if it is not broken do not fix it. i don't feeling doing the re-install window 7 again
  13. hey tim i'm just going to format my ssd and re-install windows 7 64bit. i'm going to see if i do a new re-install of window 7 and download dimmdrive and hoping it work if not i don't know what wrong
  14. look like it fail again i don't know what software is block it. it look like the dimmdrive keep on crashing when i try to run it. even I have my modem firewall is off too