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  1. Whoa that looks awesome! I logged on to suggest a type of category system. I like using dimmdrive for gaming and for a tad of photo shop but I have limited RAM so I was thinking we could have like favorite set ups Games | Work | Browsing | Editing Something like that, but it looks like in the new GUI that it'll be taken care of lol
  2. I like the idea but man that'd be tough to do, personally I like the Turbo Boost, I got a 64GB USB for $25 so yea I'm a happy camper lol
  3. Thanks, now I have an excuse to buy a 3TB USB 3.0 external HDD
  4. I've already bought DD but idk if It's for me, you see I like the idea of it but ATM I have only 8gb of ram so there's not much stuff I can load into it, maybe 4-5gb of textures or something. Now then let's do the math, 30 for DD and on a site I found some 1x8gb sticks for cheap, so 30+55+45=130 kinda expensive But I have also found some SSD's 120gb for 70 or 115 for the 120gb and a 90gb. That's a nice deal And it sounds like this should be easy, 110 for 210gb of SSD or 130 for 24gb of ram and 20-21 of a DD drive But god damn it idk why I can't decide, I like DD a lot but i only got it to play games. So the question, should I get the SSD's or the RAM Another question which is ultimately more important to me: how fast can DD make the game if say the game is 40gb total and I can only put 21 on DD, compared to putting the whole 40gb onto a SATA3 SSD
  5. Does the usb have to have enough space for everything that I'd wanna run? Say i have 4 games each at10gb,each one is fully put on the dimmdrive, ofcourse I'd only run 1 at a time, so then do i need a 40gb usb or a 10gb usb?
  6. awesome, made everything run super fast thanks man
  7. TY so much my pc crashed and I couldn't open firefox or my game crysis 3, I was freaking out, however I did have to perform a repair on crysis 3 because some files were missing (or corrupted) when I launched the game and tried to load a save file it stayed loading indefinetly, same with new campaign