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  1. Post your System specs. Don't waste money on a USB stick if you main HDD is super slow. Better to get an SSD
  2. You're all over the place man. What HDD do you have now? What OS?
  3. I use Origin for my Crysis 3, and it's working fine. But a specific Origin gaming profile would be nice. Nothing I have on Steam needs DimmDrive to work. I "could" try to speed some stuff up, but other that my modded Fallout 3 and all my Cryses I don't think I have anything that really taxes my system.
  4. Hello guys. I just purchased DimmDrive a couple of days ago and have been experimenting with it. What prompted me to purchase this program: My desperation in getting Fallout 3 to run smooth (details to follow). My rig: Intel Core i7 950 3.06ghz Nvidia GTX 690 video card 24gb DDR3 Kingston RAM running at 1600mhz with XMP profile enabled. Asus P6T motherboard, X58 chipset (and oldie but goodie ) 3 Crucial V4 SSD's running in RAID 0 - Controlled by the Intel ICHR10 chipset. 2 Gigabyte i-Ram PCI Card RAM Disks, both loaded with the max of 4gb Kingston DDR1 Ram, both running in RAID 0, for a total of 8gb SSD equivalent speed disk space 27" Monitor running at 2600x1440 - 15" side monitor running 1024x768 Windows 7 with fully up to date drivers for everything I could find that was updateable. I'm using PCMeter and CPU Meter + GPU Meter to measure my CPU and GPU usage while playing games. Soo...as you guys know, vanilla Fallout 3 is a very primitive game graphics wise. Running the vanilla game with maxed out res and maxed out graphic settings gets me a constant 60fps that never drops, and puts about a 30% load on each of my GPU's, and around 40% usage of the VRAM per GPU. However, if you install all the incredible high res textures and packs available from Fallout Nexus, the game is improved easy 8 fold. Everything is so much cleaner and crisper looking, and gets very Crysis level realistic. I really should record some video of the differences. But with all these graphical updates, my PC starts choking on the game. It will use up 100% of the VRAM almost instantly, and usage of the GPU's jumps to about 60% average. Because of all the swapping of textures and sprites, I get a decent experience, but the game lags in heavy combat. My SSD's are not capable of feeding the GPU's with the data fast enough. Since Fallout 3 is a 32bit game, even with the Large Address Aware patching, it won't go over 4gb RAM, wasting 20gb on my system. Enter the DimmDrive. Some research online between RamDrive software yielded recommendations for DimmDrive for us gamers. I purchased it for I believe was $30something Dollars? My total in Canadian was $42. I feel this was very expensive, and am particularly regretting the purchase since I have now found several gaming sites online giving License Keys away for free. However, I don't mind supporting the developer, I just think the price is higher than it should be (I feel $25 total is a reasonable price, meaning the software would probably have to be offered for around $18 before taxes and other fees). Other than that, here's my results with the software: Installation was a breeze. But I have to log in everytime I use the software? What if I don't have internet access? The application options seem to be limited. I have Steam but no games on Steam give me any issues as far as speed (Bioshock Infinite for example runs full blast at maxed out graphic settings without need for a RamDrive). So my testing is on my stand alone games, mostly Fallout 3 and Crysis 3 Eager to test Fallout 3, I checked the size of my Fallout 3 folder: 19gigs. So I added it to DimmDrive and created a 19gig RamDrive. Loaded the game, which started to the menu, but horribly crashed my PC trying to load one of my saved games. Windows freaked out about running out of memory. I realized I wasn't running any page file, but decided not to enable one yet. Instead, I selected about 16gigs of the biggers files in the folder, and loaded the game. I was able to log in, and immediately the game ran almost lag free! What an experience! I could have been in extremely heavy combat and still get near zero lag (but still a minor amount). It's very finicky though. I had to disable some of the mods from being loaded into the RamDrive, as the game does not like it and I end up with a bunch of red exclamation marks where there should be graphics. Great experience though once I got it working. Next I tried Crysis 3. Crysis 3 on it's own really works my system if I blast all graphic settings to max. I will get a constant 30 frames but this dips often to around 20 in heavy combat, and I get lag similar to what I had with Fallout. So, loading the entire Crysis 3 folder was about 17gigs. Ran it, crashed the system again. Loaded 16gigs, tried it again, crash. Ran it without RamDrive, and I notice my Ram gets used to around 6gigs, as opposed to Fallout's 4gig max. So seems I don't have enough RAM for Crysis and a RamDrive. Enter the Page File: I set my two i-Ram cards in RAID 0, for a total of 8gb, and put a Windows Page File on it. Set the entire Crysis 3 Folder as a RamDrive, loaded the game again. It works!!!! And lag is not eliminated completely but reduced to about a 1/4 of what it was! And my page file gets to about 500mb, so I guess I just needed a little bit more RAM to get rid of it again (This motherboard is maxed out RAM wise, so not an option right now) I consider myself a pretty advanced PC user, and setting up RamDrives is easy to do with freeware. So I feel the purchase of DimmDrive is for the convenience factor of having the software create and remove all the NTFS mount points/symbolic links/whatever you want to call them for your individual game configurations. What do I feel the software is lacking right now? 1. The capacity to create profiles per individual game. Sometimes I have to load 2 or 3 separate folders for a game to work at it's peak. Right now I have to remember to enable those 3 folders. There should be a way to create a profile so that you can just double click on that profile and it creates the RamDrive + loads the selected Data all at once. 2. The capacity to use Icons for these profiles. When I want to load a Fallout 3 profile for example, I want to put the Fallout 3 icon on it, so I know what it is instead of guessing which folders are which games' data. 3. The capacity to work with Razor's GameBooster software would be nice. The interface needs a bit of work, but this is a minor quibble, as long as the software does what I need it to do. All in all, great product, great concept! A bit pricier that I think is fair, but if it improves in simplifying the whole experience for end users, it could eventually be worth the asking price. Since I own it now, I'm hoping at least some of these changes are in the works.