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  1. Hey Tim. I deleted the config.vdf file in Steam because it look's not correct and start Steam again and then DD after some minutes and now everything loads correctly and all games are there. thx again for your support.
  2. install new version of DD and it find most of my games in Steam but not all ? Anyway thx Tim for your efffort with my problems and hopefully it will work correct some day.
  3. you got mail. hope this will help you solve my problem. thanks for the support Tim.
  4. i try that before without any luck. clean install of DD after renamed the file in Steam today but the same problem, no steam games at all.
  5. Were is the support ? no reply from none, i am not so impressed so far and if you not solve this soon i want my money back.
  6. No one have a clue what to do ????
  7. Hi i have move my steam installation and wonder how get DD to work again ? when it starts now nothing loads of course and i have try to reinstall DD without success.
  8. Thx Very good guide and helpful to all my games i wan to run through DimmDrive.
  9. Hi all. I'm new owner to Dimmdrive and wonder what files do i need to run CoD Mw3 mp through Dimmdrive. I have 10GB Dimmdrive size but the game is about 19 GB big.