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  1. Ah that stinks! I was hoping to help with some load times by loading some in. Hope we can figure something out!
  2. Tim, hey there. I went to launch dimmdrive today and noticed I am on 2.09 and I got a message saying it was out of date. I did verify you didn't update it prior to posting this
  3. Tim, So I just upgraded to 2.09 from .07 One thing I notice though is that is there some way of saving settings or something. Because of the uninstall and re install option now I have to delete my VDF file again and my apps I had setup are not there. I get it happened on the uninstall but curious if there is a way for a setting file or something to stay? I also noticed when trying to drag shortcuts into the apps section it crashed dimmdrive. Not sure if you wanted to reword the about that pops up also each load. Says thanks for testing on it.
  4. Hmm after reading this I just saw I'm on. 07 it didn't say get 09. Will update. Thanks.
  5. Yep on 2.0 good stuff. You have a great product.
  6. Oh gosh I wouldn't even have tried. Man I feel so stupid.
  7. Sorry if this has been answered before. Is there a way to make a shortcut of your app or game that is loaded in dimmdrive? I mean to desktop or something? Thanks!
  8. Sent you a message on your FB Dimmdrive page. You def have a great product here not only for us gamers but also us photographers. I am going to try to spread the word amongst the pros I know.
  9. Ok so deleting my VDF file also helped with this issue. Thanks so much.
  10. Thank you VDF file worked.
  11. Ok makes sense. I am looking to buy one to have, wow nuts how not all are decent speeds. I looked at the one above it was like 60 dollars. Does anyone say which ones work properly and have good speed?
  12. Hey all, so I am curious. I have 20gb RAM installed. Is it worth getting a USB 3 turbo stick? How does that work? I mean if we get a fast one like you are saying. Does it work the same way as in RAM? Thanks!
  13. Tim, Very awesome on the new update. I have it installed but for some reason I am not showing all of my steam games. Should my apps propagate also? That is very cool for APPS.
  14. Hey everyone, I have been playing a ton of CS:GO lately and I decided to try to load it in DD to see how things worked. I loaded it today because it wasnt seen in the steam games for some reason. It installed and I launched it. Then I get a warning that it was launched outside of steam and is not verified. I will not be able to play on VAC servers. Is this something we would not be able to get past? They think I am cheating because it was loaded from another source. Thanks! Mike
  15. Tim, hey there, I would love to be in on the BETA. Win 8.1 64bit 20gb RAM About 200 games - 20 installed now Thanks a ton! Mike