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  1. any news on the update ? just fresh installed my pc and would be nice to have the steamgames back in the spot where they should be was thinking to get more ram since my 16 Gb aint enough to store arma III in f.e. i added it among other prgrms in the Custom loadout but as i said would be nice to have dimmdrive working like intended Im trying more people to convince to get this tool but as long i can not show them how easy it "normally" works they are not convinced yet.. Also i asked about some referral options maybe since its kinda pricey for some to just "try it out" and would be nice to get motivated by the creator :
  2. great news tim glad we could assist u trying to find the issue.
  3. Glad u like it vector66 im enjoying it too, only some people dont believe me only on my word so would be nice to see some trial function in the future.. Also im guessing there aint a refferal reward system set up ? since im kinda promoting the hell outta it atm and would be nice to see some kind of reward for it back Now its time to enter the fora and find out how things work with usb3 sticks, see if doubles the ram u got inside since usb3 sticks are a hell of a lot cheaper then Ram atm. Loving the tool though