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  1. That's where the Search input comes handy It filters the list. Tim talked about something like this, you type "Do", you only have Dota in the list (just an example). So, I think merging applications and games would not be an issue. Worst case, putting a separator between "applications" and games could work.
  2. Here's a mockup of my thoughts about the UI:
  3. OK, I'm used to speed (SSD, 16GB of ram, fiber internet, etc, etc), but this is just crazy. Best purchase I've ever made. The creator should think about selling it to people in the design, 3d, movie industry also. I've never, ever seen Photoshop load so fast. These applications are ram-hungry but nowadays graphic cards handle a lot of the load anyway. I'm amazed.
  4. Well I was going to offer my services but IceBadger did an awesome job already ! I will definitely give it a try though (I'm a web developer, but I'm well-versed in design as well)
  5. Thank you for your answers I thought I had read all the forum but I somehow missed this thread ! That's it, I can't wait anymore, I'm buying it
  6. Thank you. I've since read this reply which details the process. I'm still waiting for the other answers
  7. Hi, I'm very interested by DimmDrive. I have some questions though: Can I use it both at home and at work? Do I need to create several accounts? One major interest for me is Google Chrome. I've already tried ImDrive with another software for symlinking, and it worked sometimes, but I had to manually recreate the Cache folder from time to time, etc... Too much hassle. If DimmDrive can take care of that for me, it's perfect. But if I drag & drop it to DimmDrive, what will be accelerated exactly, only the .exe or the cache folder as well? (optional) How easy is it to skin it? One part of my job is graphic design, and I'd like to tinker with it a bit. If I sent my designs to you (for free), would it be easy for you or other users to you to integrate them? Thanks a lot. Can't wait to try it.