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  1. Great, thanks Tim!
  2. I appear to be having a similar issue as the above poster. Each time I start up my computer (DIMM Drive launches automatically) DIMM Drive has to rescan all my steam games (which for some reason, takes significantly longer in version 10012 than in previous versions). I checked the folder where DIMMDrive is installed (this is not on the C Drive, is there a chance the cache is being created some where else?) but there was no cache folder with the rest of the program files. I then uninstalled DIMMDrive via Programs and Features, and then reinstalled it (rebooting after each step). It's in the process of loading Steam games right now, but there is still no cache folder. I have multiple folders with Steam games on different harddrives (I believe I have 3 steam folders in all, on 3 different hard drives), in case that makes any difference. I'm also running Windows 7 64-bit if that matters.
  3. All I can tell you is that I checked off Kerbal Space Program under Steam Games, Enabled Dimm Drive, launched the game through Dimm Drive, closed the game down, turned off the drive, and shut off my computer. The next day, the save was not there, and all my deleted saves were back.
  4. I'm running 10011 so don't know if this has been fixed yet but... DIMM Drive completely failed to update my save files yesterday. I deleted all my old saves from the patch and started a brand new game. Played for 4+ hours building and landing my first SSTO successfully. Logged back in today and my save was gone, and all my old saves were back. So disheartening. Literally don't even have the motivation to play KSP now. Figured I'd mention this so it could be looked into. In the mean time, I definitely would not recommend running KSP via DD right now if you value your saves at all.
  5. No problem, thanks for letting me know the status of both. Glad that those are both on your radar as, at the moment, they are my only issues with DIMM Drive. I'm otherwise loving it. Even bought a quad channel 32GB 1600 CAS 7 kit for it - not inexpensive by any means.
  6. I wanted to submit 2 requests. One, it would be really nice if the list of Steam games in DIMM Drive was cached, so that each time I launch it doesn't need to check what games were installed before. It just assumes it's the same as last time and, if it can't find a game I told it to put on the DIMM drive, it can give me an error and let me either rescan the library or cancel. Of course, there would need to be a manual button to start a scan as well (for when you install new games). But this would really expedite the ability to launch games - especially since most people do not download or delete games on Steam as often as they restart their computers. Two, I've noticed that if I drag a folder to the other programs section, and then shut down my computer without exiting DIMM Drive, the next time I start my computer DIMM Drive will not show the folder that I had dragged into the other programs. However, if I drag the folder to the other programs, quit DIMM Drive, then relaunch it, I have no problems. It would be convenient if DIMM Drive saved the list of other programs without exiting, so if I shut down my computer without exiting DIMM Drive will have saved my settings.