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  1. I'd be interested! OS: Windows 7 64 bit RAM: 32 gb 1600MHz Number of Games/Apps: 140 Other Programs: For origin and any other game not on steam Other comments: Not much, other than this program is great! It's fun loading in BF3 early enough that I get a wait for other players timer.
  2. Basically the little image that was there for the games isn't there anymore. The dimmdriving still works, and any games I add will get the image, just not the steam games. Not that big of an issue, just wanted to report it. ^ that's what I mean
  3. I don't like having anything open when I login, and I'd love if there was a settings menu for dd, with an option to start minimized
  4. I'm not really sure if this is true, but I have a suspicion. My JC2 MP just keeps crashing, and I'm currently putting it on DD to test my theory, but I will like something wasn't put back by DD, and the symlink that it makes tricks steam verify cache into believing it is there when it is really not. Could this be an actual issue? Just a hunch, I'll come back after testing the game on DD.
  5. but...but...then it won't have the icon...WHERE'S THE POINT IN THAT?!
  6. Can't wait, this program is bee you tea full
  7. dude you should make a youtube ad with this. (after asking for permission o course)
  8. Fixed! (I hope) I just uninstalled/reinstalled DD. I hope this doesn't happen again though because that would be very annoying.
  9. That was me! It has mixed results based on which map you're loading. Operation Locker was insanely fast for me. And if your on a 24/7 one map server, it will be even faster (the fastest I ever recorded was 15 seconds) as it will be cached. I recently added some more files. Pretty much I just put everything on DD except for cas files 1-20. (I did put one 21 since it is only 500 mb) That ended up being 6.7 Gb. The config I said on the reddit was closer to 5.7 I think.
  10. I know it supports it, I'm just really lazy.
  11. This isn't a ui thing, but do you think there could an auto dimmdrive feature in the future? Like lets say there are programs saved in DD, but not turned on. Could there be a feature that if you started that program, it would automatically close the program as it's starting, turn whatever files you've configured for it in DD on, and then load a DD with just enough for that program, and then restart the program. And also if you close the program, it will automatically turn off DD and then turn the program off in DD. And this could be activated with a little switch somewhere in the UI. I understand that this would take a while to code, but I think it would massively improve DD.
  12. ***DISCLAIMER! I DID NOT MAKE LINK SHELL EXTENSION NOR THE VCREDISTS! I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THOSE PROGRAMS! CREDIT GOES TO MICROSOFT AND THE CREATOR OF LINK SHELL EXTENSION!*** There may be those of you like me who want their Crysis 3 maxed out to look pretty and load fast, but those of you who tried may have noticed that the way the Crysis 3 folder is set up is that the .exe, which is what DD looks for and sets as the base folder, is in a folder separate from the assets. But don't fret, there is an easy way around. You'll need a program and it's prerequisite. Choose the one that fits your system. Microsoft VCRedist for 64 bit: <<<PICK ONLY ONE! Microsoft VCRedist for 32 bit: <<<PICK ONLY ONE! Link Shell Extension Program: <<<GET THIS AFTER! Make sure you get the VCRedist and install it before you install Link Shell Extension. When you're installing LSE, it may ask you to close some programs, and I believe DD is one of them. Just do as it says. Then once it's done, I'd suggest restarting your computer, even if it doesn't tell you to. Then once you're back, you can prepare Crysis 3 for DD. Go into the Crysis 3 installation folder. Most likely it looks like Origin Games/Crysis 3/. Then go into the Bin32 folder. You'll see the Crysis3.exe. Drag and drop or cut and paste it into the main installation folder. (Origin Games/Crysis 3/) Then right click the .exe, and you'll see something new in the menu, that says "Pick Link Source." Click that. Then go back into the Bin32 folder, right click in the space (not on another file) and then you'll something in the menu that says "Drop As" that opens a little menu when you hover over it. Hover over it and click "Hardlink Clone" and let it do that. Then you're done! Go back into DD, add Crysis 3, and pick the .exe that is in the main folder. (Origin Games/Crysis 3/) What this all did is, for those of you who don't know what Symlinks are, is it has the actual .exe in the main folder, but the computer thinks it is in the Bin32 folder. This way the game will run and will also let you select what files you want to use in DD. This method can be done for any other game that has a similar issue. Just remember though, move the exe to where you want it, then hardlink clone back where it's supposed to go, not the other way around. Because if you did that, the .exe would be where it's supposed to be, but the computer would think it was where you hardlinked to, which would most likely cause the game to crash. Have fun!
  13. Oh it turns out it's not just chrome. It seems that anything I add by the right click menu now won't stay in there after a restart. And yeah, I always turn off DD before shutting down. I don't understand why it's not saving. I know that steam had an issue like this for me and a lot of people, that if I add a game to steam it won't stay there on restart of steam. I fix it in steam by making the shortcuts.vdf file read only after I'm done adding games. Is there a similar thing for DD? Because I added Crysis 3 yesterday and it's gone now. Mr. Tim owner man, wherefore art thou?!
  14. Google chrome won't stay in DD. As in, I''ll open up DD, right click in other programs, and then I'll add the chrome.exe, and I'll start up a 1 Gb DD for it, and it will work nice and well. But when I restart my computer, it's not in other programs anymore. What's weirder is that bf4, which I added a long time ago to other programs, was never removed. I think that as a side effect of this my extension that loads the website in a secure version and my steamgifts plus extension won't work anymore, but some other extensions that I added manually to chrome still work. This is really weird. Why is this happening?
  15. So wait, what do we load? Because If I have all the cas files on my dimmdrive, there isnt enough ram to play BF4 and use skype voice at the same time (which I need to do some times)