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  1. I leave the tech to the people who frolic in it. I think I'm becoming the type of person that doesn't care how it works as long as it works. Although, in more recent events I have done a bit of research on Rhodium for my novel
  2. Currently using my hp dv-7 laptop. I had a friend mess with its innards so its running again. Thought it's still purely electrical cord and no battery.
  3. I found Neverwinter interesting, however, with my shit system, the moment I went into the first city, my computer lagged to 5fps. So I ended up logging out as I don't have the patience to watch the paint dry on the screen as I try to walk from point a to b. But I recommend it for anyone who wants to try something different. I really liked the character set up process.
  4. Hey, as the subject asks, What games are you into right now? I've been trying out various Free2Play games on Steam and the main one that I am liking is King's Bounty: Legion which is a fb type game but playable through Steam. I enjoy it because it's a take it or leave it game, where I can play for 5 minutes or 5 hours. Other games I play from time to time: Ticket to Ride *not f2p* RIFT Lord of the Rings Online Neverwinter Path of Exile Diablo 3 Marvel Heroes