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  1. you know... I know a guy who works IT for a company that builds what he calls "autoresponder software" because of this last spam bot I think I'm going to go over to his house tomorrow and slap him... with a trout
  2. right now turbo mode is expecting a drive to be defined as a flash drive by windows. I'm pretty sure someone mentioned this to Tim and he said at some point he would make it use any drive you want, for stuff like this. but right now, unless you can fool windows into thinking it's a flash drive, it won't work
  4. welcome to the fold, let us know if you have any more questions, we'll try and answer them =) those are good ideas, I wonder if video editing would benefit from DD, I may have to investigate this
  5. I don't think DD is tied to the computer but rather your account. so I'm pretty sure if you close it at home and open it at work everything should be fine. as for running two sessions, I can't be positive, but it works on one computer so I would think it would work on two. your chrome question was answered (and it really is awesome how fast chrome is in DD) right now it can't be skinned, there is a thread about it: where it would seem that Tim is working with IceBadger to get a new skin going. I've asked Tim to expose the art assets of the program so we can tinker with them, but he doesn't seem too keen on this, at least at the present time.
  6. SSD's are very fast and the difference between them and your ram is going to be a lot smaller than a traditional HDD. However, if you have the ram to spare, it's going to extend the life of your SSD if you load the games in a RAM drive instead of copying them to the SSD, save the SSD for the bigger games that don't fit in your ram drive (and of course other stuff) also loading something like chrome/firefox into dimmdrive will help a lot since they write so much to the disc, these are the things that are going to wear it out faster
  7. I believe that time frame was for the 'We've found a bug where not all Steam games are showing up in Dimmdrive' I know that Tim is working on crash support though, so sometime in the near future I would imagine we'll see it
  8. with the way the keys are tied to an online account it would be easy to time limit a key as well... I agree a demo would be a good idea.
  9. the problem here is the game is designed to have it one file... you can't just extract it and expect it to work. There's really nothing you can do to solve this, it's just a weird design choice by arenanet
  10. I've also run into situations where the folder doesn't appear, but DD still thinks it's there, you need to restart DD and try again. also if the folder starts with a non alphanumeric character it won't show up in the list otherwise you should be able to drag an drop, and if you're getting the 'deny' symbol when dragging it over then it's a permissions thing for sure.
  11. interesting, I wonder why they would doubt
  12. if windows is not allowing you to drag one program into another that is usually a permissions things. make sure your account has admin privs. the 'other programs' section of the interface is for just that, things not listed in the games window. if the game is in the games list, then all you need do is set the DD size to accommodate the game, turn the game switch to the 'On' position then turn the big DD switch to the 'On' position, wait for the copy, and then launch the game as you normally would. how much ram do you have? and how much are you trying to set DD to use?
  13. try this
  14. I know they listen to the community as a whole, I don't know about individually. if you are a backer you can download the hanger module, which is just that, a hanger, with your ship(s) you can wander around, buy a buggy to drive around, get in and out of the ship, activate parts of it, etc. they are due to put out a dog fighting module in the near future, that'll be exciting. it's still very very early stages
  15. over 332k backers so far with almost $35m raised in support... I'd say it's pretty 'HUGE' as for how it's looking, there's a live stream this friday to update us on the status of things if you'd like to join