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  1. Must have missed that step. Thanks Tim, this seems to have fixed it. I'm liking the update so far since it added a lot more Steam games to the list and made some more actually work, but I am yet to play around too much with the partial loading stuff.
  2. This update broke the program for me... Steam games never load, and if I try to add a program manually to the other programs section it crashes when I try to switch it on. Also the use less RAM radio button doesn't seem to work, configure button never turns on and the more RAM radio button stays on.
  3. Great to know, I look forward to the update. Does this address games like RACE 07 that are split up between folders though? I imagine Garry's Mod is another special case here as it uses resources from whatever source based games you have.
  4. Another one I'd like to add that I just noticed: RACE 07. It runs fine but none of the configurations load. The reason is because there are some .gcf files in the base steamapps folder, as well as some files in the username folder inside the steamapps folder, while the main game files reside in the common folder.
  5. I'm liking how user friendly the program is so far but there are a few things I'd love to see. Figured I'd throw them into one topic. 1. A bigger window or alternate view of Steam games. I have 150 some games in my Steam library. Viewing them three at a time is not ideal. An option for a bigger view or perhaps searching would be really nice. 2. An option to re-select the exe file for a game. The EXE files aren't always named well and I've messed up by selecting one meant for configuring the game instead.I can't see any way for me to change it so I'm stuck with opening up the drive manually. 3. Better integration with source engine games I don't have the base HL2 so I'm not sure how that's set up, but I have the two episodes and I don't even know how to set them up with this. For episode 2 it at least has the .exe file in the folder but it doesn't work when I try to load it up with Dimmdrive. EDIT: Another thing that should be added, kind of related to #2... there needs to be a separation between the selection of the EXE file and the selection of the install directory. The exe isn't always going to be in the base directory so this feature doesn't work, making copying and pasting and then manually launching from the drive necessary in these cases.
  6. System Info OS: Windows 7 Amount of RAM: 16GB Unknown 1TB boot HD, something Hitachi, Steam games on separate 2TB WD Black HDD Bug Certain Steam games are getting errors when they load. Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box and Shift 2 Unleashed both get the following Steam Error: "Application load error 5:0000065434" Bioshock(1) gets the Steam error: "Application load error (0x02)" NOTE: I still get the above errors when I don't even have the Steam client open. The games don't attempt to load Steam. GRID 2 gets the following error: "Error reading data. Please verify the integrity of the game cache" I might be pushing it on GRID 2 since my RAM usage is 13.8/15.9 when I load it up, but still only 2GB total RAM is required for the game(4GB recommended). Let me know if you guys need some more info or if there are some more troubleshooting steps you want me to take.