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  1. Most of the time I'm browsing the forum on mobile. I'm sorry to say it, but the mobile version is very lackluster. Reporting doesn't even seem to exist. My other gripe, though it's kinda irrelevant here, is that the nav is only on top of the page, so it means scrolling the entire way up once you've read a thread... I could try and fix some of that up if you'd like Other than those mobile gripes, you do a good job of removing the spam quick
  2. Just out of curiosity, why isn't that folder created by dimmdrive? It could either happen on installation or when something goes wrong I guess.
  3. Putting the entire of the Chrome AppData folder onto DD improved my browsing, especially youtube and stuff like that (but I may be using the html5 youtube player).
  4. Be sure you don't have multiple dimmdrive drive windows open, I noticed mine only saves the configuration from the one that closes last. Also, be sure to always turn off dimmdrive before actually closing it. Otherwise your folders won't be renamed back properly and the next dimmdrive you run might not find them.
  5. Oh, so you're saying that you're not seeing an improvement from a mechanical HDD to Dimmdrive? That's really odd, it should be a vast improvement. I'll try and test the couple of games you mentioned above, but I don't have as much ram as you so I might have to use the LESS RAM option
  6. Looks great, but it definitely needs somewhere for Other Programs and Chrome/Firefox. I suppose the box could all be in one, but then it would be cluttered with the 200 Steam games that I'll probably never play again
  7. I'll be honest, since buying my SSD I've barely opened DD :/ It was sooo fast compared to my HDD but from my SSD I'm never waiting for Chrome to start up or anything so there's no need. I'd say that the decrease in performance is probably just experimental error. If you ran each test 10 times on SSD and 10 times on RAM then it only makes sense for RAM to be as fast or faster.
  8. I can only answer your Chrome questions, not sure about the others. If you drag a folder, instead of the the .exe file, into the "Other Programs" section then you can drag both the Chrome program (for a minor speed boost) and the Chrome AppData folder where the cache is (for a major speed boost). Any files or folders you sync to DD will be sync'd back along with any changes made once you turn DD off. In fact changes are sync'd in realtime to the HDD so there will be no loss of data. The next version of dimmdrive (it's been a long time coming though) will have something built in for Chrome and Firefox that will allow selective deletion of files (like cache) when quitting DD.
  9. I wouldn't think it was possible to slow down load times by using dimmdrive :/ What ram are you using? Also how much ram? You said you're putting the entire game in ram but if this takes up the majority of your ram then your games are going to have a bad time.
  10. Have fun You should post some benchmarks of Dimmdrive in comparison to your SSDs, would be really interesting
  11. What exactly does it do when you drag and drop something into Other Programs? If it does nothing, then just double check that the folder hasn't appeared further on the list.
  12. User AhmadSahrab has suggested on reddit that you put DD on Steam. That could get it a lot of users Steam has its software section now and since DD has its Steam integration it could be very useful to users there They also suggested a demo, which I suppose could be the full program limited to 4GB or something.
  13. You may want to leave more than 4GB for everything else. My Chrome uses 4GB on its own and then there's Windows too
  14. I can't that hanger module to run... Says it's missing a manifest file or something. That was around a month ago though so maybe I'll try again and experiment with DD too
  15. I wonder whether it's easier to put the expansion on DD... As in, will it still use all 20 of the original files or will they just use a few new ones. I'll have a look later