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  1. I've really been enjoying this program so far, although I do have a few suggestions. I'm sure have been brought up in the past, but here goes: More startup options. I would really appreciate the option to have DimmDrive minimized to the notification tray when I start my PC. Ideally selecting this will cause the login screen not to appear unless there's something that requires my attention. A more "modern" UI option. I hate to say it but the current UI kind of just looks silly on modern computers Related to the improved UI, but I'd specifically like to see some additional sorting options on the "Less RAM" screen. Being able to sort by file name, for example, would be quite nice. I'd also love to see an option under the less RAM option have DimmDrive intelligently choose what files to sync. A few of the games that I play don't simply sort all of their files into giant pak files, instead they have tonnes of smaller files. The "paks" folder in EQ2 has 1300 files in it and I'd rather not have to sort those manually. I would really love it if you could implement some kind of feature that analyzes the install directory (with option to further specify which directories exactly you want analyzed) in order to determine which files are accessed the most. DimmDrive would then automatically (based on a maximum RAM value for the game) select the files that would give you the most benefit.
  2. I only have 16GB of RAM, and my EQ2 Installation works out to be about 16GB by itself, so I can't just DimmDrive the whole game Thanks for the video, I got everything working mostly correctly now. The only thing that's weird is that I have to launch my games from their desktop icon, launching them from DimmDrive itself seems to bug them out still :/
  3. I'm using Windows 8.1 x64, fresh install. I'm having problems using games that use launchers to check a games data before logging in (EverQuest 2 and Path of Exile require you to launch through a patcher). The launcher for these games always tries replace the files I've sent to DimmDrive upon using the launcher. I've found that I can bypass these issues by starting DimmDrive after running the launchers and letting them check the files, this is just really annoying to do. Any ideas on how to resolve this?
  4. That's good to hear!
  5. I unfortunately only have 16GB of RAM (4x4 GB) and I am not in a position that would allow me to upgrade to 32GB at the moment. All the games that I play are in the 10-16GB range for their entire folder and thus it seems like I won't be able to use DimmDrive for a number of the games I'd like to use it with. Would it be possible to implement some kind of system that would let me partially load a game into the RAM drive? For example, If I could load all of the dungeon/terrain layouts for a game I could get most of the benefit of DimmDrive without needing (or being able) to load the entire game into memory.