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  1. Dimmdrive should only be detecting installed games, are you seeing games that aren't installed?
  2. For now you can use this: Its a tutorial how to do it with the process monitor build into windows
  3. Make sure to install updates before you install Dimmdrive, or specificly install the .Net Framework 4.5 version. Seen people on the forums having issues installing Dimmdrive without that.
  4. The normal shortcut for the app/game should still work with the version on the dimmdrive.
  5. To add non-steam games, select the app tab. Then either right-click and choose add and choose the exe or drag an exe, shortcut or folder inside the tab. Agree it isn't exactly obvious, but it works the same as DD1 I believe
  6. Icebadger wrote a tutorial on how to do this a while back, it's still very much valid for your situation even if the new filenames are non-descriptive
  7. Dimmdrive allows you to drag and/or copy paste (through the rightclick menu) folders into DD. This should work to get all of the Sims3 loaded up?
  8. There's a checkbox on the settings tab that let's you toggle if its minimize or minimize to tray now.
  9. Is this with the new Dimmdrive? if so, can you give us a little more info on how you have this set up (like what steam thinks your libraries are, what the path is to the actual games etc) if it is not, then update
  10. Interesting, does minecraft benefit from running on Dimmdrive? I always thought the game was almost completely running on RAM (hard disk usage being almost non-existent compared to RAM usage)
  11. If you are running windows 8, by default windows will not actually shut down, it will just go into sleep/hibernate (not sure which, can never keep those apart).
  12. Yea, with only 8GB, BF4 is a bit of a hard game to figure out. There are a few people trying to get to the bottom of this though: Remember that Windows 7 home premium has a limit of 16 GB if you decide to get more ram
  13. League load times are bottlenecked by the slowest person, but in game i definitly notice a difference. League will sometimes suffer from FPS drop when A LOT is happening, since i started running it off dimmdrive its less frequent and a lot less drop
  14. The percentage running 1366x768 probably also doesn't have 64 bit Windows with over 4gig lol
  15. I tried some benchmarking a few days ago and I saw a 10-20% difference with 2gb memory usage (out of 32), 10% cpu (and probably a little disk io) just from running skype, dropbox and chrome (VS close to nothing) I guess what I'm concluding is that the results for crystal disk mark vary alot from small changes. CDM might also not work optimal with AMD.