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  1. Hi Tim, With this mew symbolic link feature, will it work the same way as some of the existing "steam mover/spreader" apps that are out there? I.E. you choose a game from a list and then choose a destination and the app moves the game to the destination and then sym links it back to it's original location hence not losing any reliance other files might have on it not being there. If this is the case, 1. Until the release, could we not create a blank Dimmdrive, then manually move a game to it sym link it back and we would be good to go? 2. Would using sym links render your current procedure for syncing files back obsolete as the sym link is already doing the syncing for you? Cheers Bev.
  2. Hi Tim, I have a 64Gb USB 3 drive that I want to use. It is inserted in the back on my PC into a USB 3 slot. Windows 7 x64 correctly mounts it as U: drive. It is formatted as NTFS. Dimmdrive also sees the USB stick as U: and I can run the in-built benchmark on it. When I come to turn on the Dimmdrive drive, a message box appears stating that Dimmdrive cannot use this USB drive, click Yes to continue without USB3 turbo mode. (This is from memory so might not be the exact wording) Can the drive be formatted with NTFS or does it have to be FAT32 to work? Cheers Bev.
  3. Hi Tim, It was definately a couple of instances of dimmdrive.exe not ddservice.exe. On a more fun note, got 24Gb in my machine last night and used Dimmdrive for the first time with a game. It worked great. Shutdown cleanly as well
  4. The tests are performed with no data being transferred. The drive does get removed from Explorer. I also found out that when I thought Dimmdrive had shutdown cleanly, it actually hadn't. There were multiple instances still running in Task Manager. The GUI had disappeared leading me to believe it had shutdown cleanly.
  5. Hi Tim, Good to know that my dev apps could work with the new sym linking features Testing the closing issue of Dimmdrive again. These are the events: Clean boot. Start Dimmdrive with nothing configured. Turn on the drive, drive mounts fine. Turn off the drive, dialog box comes up and drive unmounts in background. Dialog sits on "Preparing to stop Dimmdrive" forever. The "Cancel" button is still active so it hasn't hung. If I press cancel, Dimmdrive returns to the foreground. If I then go to shutdown Dimmdirve, the dialog comes back and sits on "Preparing to stop Dimmdrive" again indefinitely. If I press cancel again, the app closes. Occasionally I have had to end task the app. In that scenario it has crashed fully with this debug window: Not sure if it connected at all, but lots of info is better than none Regarding the "Apps not removing cleanly", it has not happened again. If it does I will pay more attention and try to reproduce so can give you a better log of events for debug. Thanks for the "Remove Ghost Drives" tip. Also, if you want help with update testing, I am happy to offer my services. Won 16Gb of some Corsair Vengeance on Ebay. Will have a total of 24Gb so can start using Dimmdrive in anger Cheers Bev.
  6. Hi Tim, I added Visual Studio 10 and also SQL Management Studio to DimmDrive. They didn't work very well as quite a few of my add-ons failed and I think they are too distributed around the file system. but that isn't that much of an issue as I know this is really meant for games, I was just messing about. Anyway, I turned off the drive, then turned off the two apps, then went into settings for both and binned them. The little app window was blank. I then decided to launch the drive to do a benchmark and it copied both apps again and crashed leaving the drive up. Ran Dimmdrive again and it created another drive, copied the two removed apps and crashed. I then decided to reboot to clear the two drives and had a look in the DimmDrive directory and saw there were still 2 xml files referencing the two apps. I deleted those and it all works again. I did set the two start-up check boxes if that info is relevant although I unchecked them before doing any reboots. What I did notice was that the "Nothing configured" message in the app box wasn't there after I removed to apps. Another observation is that Dimmdrive seems to take a very long time in the "Preparing to stop dimmdrive" stage. Most of the time I have to kill the app. OS: W7 Ent x64 Amount of RAM: 8Gb HD for boot : OCZ SSD 120Gb HD for games : WD HDD 500Gb Have Steam? Yes Cheers Bev.
  7. Hi Tim, Cheers for the info. Yeah, there are quite a few guys interested so I said I will pick up a copy and let them know my findings. Hopefully will lead to more sales Got a bid in Ebay for another 8GB of ram which should end on Thursday, hopefully I'll win Keep up the good work! Bev.
  8. Hi Tim, Although I haven't yet purchased Dimmdrive (I only have 8Gb and all the games I am playing right now are bigger, so need to put the cash towards more RAM), I would like to offer up some suggestions reagrding the partial game feature that is coming and also the USB3 turbo mode. 1. Would it be possible for Dimmdrive to "suggest" files that may be ignored from the copy to Dimmdrive based on such things as extension (avi, mkv and such) as well as folder keywords such as "intro" or "movies" and then just sym link those over? 2. From what I understand USB3 Turbo mode is using the flash memory as a kind of persistant cache so on subsequent loading it uses that instead of getting the application/game from the HDD again. Could you have the ability to nominate a folder on a SSD drive to do the same thing? I would say a lot of people are using a SSD as a boot/OS drive and Steam installed on a larger HDD and then some form of sym link of the games they are currently playing back to the SSD. With using Dimmdrive and a cache folder of the games on the SSD, subsequent loading would be even faster than USB3. Obviously the USB3 route should still exist as it is cheaper than a SSD. I am a developer as well and I really like the idea of this bit of kit. I am also an admin over at www.ziip.co.uk We are a UK based gaming community and gamestore and I have posted up some info regarding your Dimmdrive so hopefully our members can try it out for themselves http://www.ziip.co.uk/theziipgc/showthread.php/391-Dimmdrive?p=4874&viewfull=1#post4874 Cheers Bev.