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  1. I'm still waiting for this fix to happen... that one week turned into one month and longer...
  2. Why do you hate SSD's? They will be the future! oO Yeah I know that right now they cost a fortune, but one day we will be looking back at mechanical drives and laugh at them.
  3. I think you might be running Dimmdrive on a SSD, I don't have that luxury look at the video that I posted.
  4. *Added 3rd edit into my initial post, should clear things up.
  5. answered

    It is the calculation bug that I reported. If you set the game to "OFF" and then click on the little wrench icon, it will show you the right calculations. Bug #1 If you enable the game and click on the wrench icon, it will show you wrong calculations, because it calcualtes the game ANOTHER TIME. Dimmdrive doesn't seem to consider that you already enabled the game. Bug #2 If you configure less files to be loaded into RAM, it will still calculate the full size of the game folder (with subfolders). Dimmdrive calculations don't consider that you selected fewer files and so it doesn't update its calculations. #NeedsToBeFixedFast People are getting confused by this.
  6. Okay this time it didn't crash, it stayed open and actually continued to work. Error happened anyways though. Here is the video + details of the error: Video: http://youtu.be/W9TIiQV2jo0 Full Details: http://puu.sh/5sZ3o.txt The video shows my second try, as the first try didn't trigger it. (Maybe I clicked too early?) I actually clicked 3 times there, but the error also happens when I click twice or once.
  7. It shouldn't take league another time into account after it has been enabled. That was my point.
  8. Well as you can see in the screenshot, I didn't enable the second instance. I had fears that it would do bad things to my pc (crashing stuff, BSOD, you name it), and I didn't want that. I just wanted to give heads up that this issue exists.
  9. ...especially if you have "Launch Dimmdrive on startup" and "and then activate Dimmdrive" enabled. Don't even let it initialize a second time, check for already spawned instances before initialization of DD and then make the available instance stick out in front of all apps / leave minimized state. Had to report this after accidently opening DD a second time. I forgot that I had it already running (it was minimized).
  10. I opened Dimmdrive and it logged me in. After the login screen disappeared, the small tray icon was being shown. I thought it started minimized and didn't open properly so I intuitively double clicked that tray icon and the app crashed: Error Screenshot: Full Details: http://puu.sh/5sk9G.txt Possible solution: Don't show the tray icon while the interface hasn't loaded completely. Developing your interface with WPF is kinda resource heavy, so it needs pretty long to load, even on my high end system.
  11. http://mare-m.deviantart.com/art/Windows-8-8-1-Theme-for-Windows-7-318932206 hit the download button on the top right corner and read the readme files for instructions.
  12. I made a video showing off the calculation bug: http://youtu.be/cVr56fv-uQ8 Calculations are off, because Dimmdrive doesn't consider that the app which has been clicked on is already enabled.
  13. I accidently made a new thread, because I misclicked into the wrong section: http://forums.dimmdrive.com/index.php?/topic/243-dd-postsync-and-symlink-folders-bug/?p=1369 Here is the video showing the dd-postsync folder bug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUBqLjUDVhE gracefully shutting down Dimmdrive doesn't remove the symlink folder too.
  14. oh sorry I accidently posted this in the wrong section D: and my previous post didn't get tagget as answered, so much confusion. I apologize
  15. I created a seperated thread for this since my previous thread has been tagged as answered. http://youtu.be/cUBqLjUDVhE This video shows, that dd post-sync and symlink folders remain even after gracefully shutting down Dimmdrive. #PleaseFix