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  1. Ah, I didn't try dropping the whole folder, whoops. I was using the Right Click --> Select Program method. I wouldn't mind origin integration, but It is origin, so maybe encouraging avoiding it is a good idea
  2. Hi all, I ran into a bit of a problem trying to integrate one of my Origin games. I pointed Dimmdrive at the .exe file, but it only detected the 0.2GB of data in that folder, and not the rest of the data. This was the original Crysis, where their folder structure is something like this: Bin32 Bin64 Levels Game Mods .... etc. The .exe is either in Bin32, or Bin 64, depending on the version that I run. It seems like Dimmdrive wants to search lower directories only, and therefore isn't picking up the rest of the data. So, the suggedtion is this: is it possible to import an entire game folder, and select the appropriate .exe for the game to use? OR, would it be worthwhile creating a list of game folder structures for DD, and when it detects an .exe that matches one in its "recognised list" it gives you the option of using the default folder structure. Naturally, the directory structure information would have to be community sourced, I don't expect you to own every game there is Tim Thanks!
  3. I only said tim because I saw he had one, everyone's still free to help Sounds good, I've been planning to jump to a cooled system for a while, so knowing that it's a good pump will be very useful. Thanks
  4. Thanks for that link, it's a lot easier to understand now. I never really paid attention to that, just to the clock speed. How wrong I was. I'm thinking of going for two of these:, but the latency they have is a bit odd, it's got 9-9-9-24, but then 10-11-10-30 for the "tested". any ideas there? As for why it's two 32GB kits, I need quad channel memory for my board, and that's the only one sold near me that has it. Slightly unrelated, Tim, what do you think of the h100i cooler? I've been thinking of using that to cool my 3930, and then I'll start to play with watercooling.
  5. After the furious key grabbing that went on in the /r/pcmasterrace thread, I now have a copy of Dimmdrive! (I bought it, there was no change of getting a key, people were way too fast). So, the benchmarks: And the specs: CPU: i7 3930K @ 3.2GHz GPU: ASUS GTX 690 4GB Motherboard: ASUS p9x79 Pro RAM: 16GB (4x4GB) Corsair 1866 MHz SSD: Intel 520 120GB HDD: Seagate 3TB 7400RPM At the moment the CPU is fan cooled, I'm wanting to swap across to a water cooling loop, and also up the amount of ram. I have a bit of money to burn (Christmas bonuses, yay!) and 8 ram slots on the board so I'm probably going to push it to 64GB, mainly for the RAM drive. I haven't much looked at it, but can someone explain RAM latency for me? What I should aim for, what influences it, a nice simple rundown. And if you're around Tim, what would be the best 64GB ram to get? Thanks!