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  1. MiRai does a lot of movies for quite a few games. Mostly instructional stuff, to give back to the boxing community. He recommends one drive for your operating system. A different drive for your game. And if you Fraps/Record, then another drive for that. I personally liked XSplit for broadcasting. It has an option for recording. The program is semi-CPU intensive. With an i5-2500K (and a modest overclock) I could smoothly 5-box in 40-man Warcraft battlegrounds... but it was choppy while streaming. Upgrading to an i7-2600K (with a similar overclock), the stream was smooth. I've since then drastically upgraded my PC, but streams/recording are smooth. In my case both the OS and the game are on a Striped SSD (two OCZ Vertex 3s, in Raid 0). While the recording, if any, were to a storage drive.
  2. I'd open your Performance Monitor (Control + Shift + Escape), Performance Tab, then Resource Monitor. See how much RAM your system is actually using, for whatever game your playing. Be sure to have everything open that you normally do, when you play (iTunes, web browser, etc)... so the numbers are accurate. Once you know how much you need to have available, consider giving windows 1-2GB of extra ram for whatever... as a buffer. Anything left over, is available for your RamDrive. If you wanted to compare straight Hard Drive vs DimmDrive, disabling prefetch is an option. For most of us, it's the end result that matters. Since you'd be using, and benefiting from, Pre-Fetch while using your mechanical drive, I'd assume you would want that to act normally. That way you can get an empirical measurement of the gains, or just note that it feels faster/slower/about the same.
  3. To see a significant benefit, you'll need to test a game that induces thrashing in your system. Something where your hard drive is making grinding noises, because of the constant seeking/reading. If the action is mostly via the CPU or Video Card, faster read times aren't going to be of any benefit or hindrance.
  4. Good point there. If you look at the Intel processors... They usually have one for mainstream, maybe $300. Another for the performance segment, at around $500. And then one for those who want the absolute best processor, at basically $1000. The top end $1000 system, is usually 5-10% better than the $500 system. You pay a premium for the top end. DimmDrive (or another RamDrive, possibly to a lesser degree as its not optimized for gaming) is going to be the fastest option. It might not be a lot faster than a gaming SSD or several in Raid0. But you can pretty much guarantee, its not going to be slower ever. And in a large number of cases, there are going to be significant improvements over other options. Ram is basically dirt cheap at the moment. DimmDrive is priced quite nicely. A higher end gaming SSD, is going to cost a fair bit more than DimmDrive. If you want one, that's definitely an option. But especially for people on a budget... a lot of system Ram, a 64-bit OS to take advantage of that Ram, and cheaper platter drives for lots of storage... could be the way to go.
  5. It's going to depend on your system and the game. How much is read dependent, for the game you're playing. A lot of games are more CPU intensive or whatever. If the game doesn't significantly depend on reading from your hard drive it doesn't matter whether you're using an SSD, a platter drive, or DimmDrive. I'm playing Everquest I, at the moment. Reading from the disk is important when starting the game, for the initial data... It can be important any time you zone. I have a 6-core CPU, one per instance of the game that I'm running... I have plenty of ram... and a strong video card with plenty of video ram. The game is not close to pushing my system. I'd suspect, the more modern your game, the more of an impact you'll have from faster seek/access time. The newer games have fancier graphics, which means more information that you need to access. Whether that is the graphics for armor and weapon models, or fancier zones.
  6. You're going to see significant improvement, with a RamDrive over a traditional platter drive. You're not going to see much difference between an SSD and a RamDrive; the RamDrive will be faster, but probably not noticeably so. MiRai has a thread on RamDrives vs SSDs, on (although he uses a generic RamDrive and not one specific for gaming). For peak performance, you'd want your game on one SSD, your operating system on a different SSD, and to have a third drive for Fraps/Recording (if you do that). The automatic synchronization of DimmDrive is a very nice feature to have, that I haven't seen in any other RamDrive type things. I also like how easy DimmDrive is to setup; it is essentially plug and play.
  7. If you're in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton or Winnipeg, consider getting the system at Memory Express. They have an 'Instant Product Replacement' (IPR) option, which is a sweet warranty. If you're putting it together yourself, the savings is better that way. But if you're having it built, they're amongst the cheaper options and carry a wide selection of mid-high end components. I've had two SSDs and a Monitor (2 dead pixels) replaced under IPR. Under 24 hours, each time. In the case of the monitor, they didn't have my model in stock so I got an LED version that was worth twice as much (no cost to me).
  8. I mentioned DimmDrive on the isboxer forum, and someone asked me if I had a referral link. I also mentioned it, in the giant SamDeathwalker RamDrive thread, on dual-boxing.
  9. With IS Boxer I made a pair of mapped keys. One was 'High' Settings. The other was 'Low' Settings. I attached both to my Window Swap mapped key. With High Settings running for my Window: Current. And Low Settings running for my Window: All Without Current. Then, no matter what window/slot/character I am on, that character has the benefits of higher graphics. And each of the other characters has lower graphics to reduce the strain on the system. Explained better here: HIGH SETTINGS LOW SETTINGS
  10. *Edit* Read your topic wrong; neither of these is an RPG. I really liked the original Star Control. Mostly just put it onto 'Melee' against a computer opponent, to test tactics and perfect the use of each of the ships. I loved this one too. Kind of like Chess, except when you attempt to capture a piece a battle ensues; with the victor remaining on the board and the defeated unit being removed. And the 'advantage' would shift in a cycle... if you controlled five key points, at once (three of which shifted advantage), you'd win... or you could eliminate your opponent.
  11. The Legibility of topics is not that great, when you select 'View New Content'. The links are a Dark Blue color, and are set against a Dark Grey/Blue background. The background gets lighter, as you go further down... so the first several topics are very hard to read (unless you mouse over the links), while later topics are improved. Still, a greater level of contrast between the Link and the Background would be nice.
  12. It might be marginally faster, but I don't think it will be drastically faster. It would depend on how much of your hard drive you could get into DimmDrive at once. The CPU is doing most of what is happening. So that is going to be the limiting factor. Whatever portion of your total Hard Drive is within the Ram Drive is going to be accessed a lot faster. So scans on that portion will be much quicker. But the rest of the hard drive isn't going to be affected, so will go at whatever speed is normal for your system. Basically, anytime the seek/access time of your hard drive is the limiting factor, then DimmDrive is an enormous boost.
  13. Blizzard cares about things that modify the gameplay experience in a negative (for everyone else) manner. Using DimmDrive... or a faster hard drive... is not impacting the game play in a way that is not fair to others. Windows is third party software. So are the drivers in your mouse. So is Pwnboxer, IS Boxer, Keyclone, Octopus or whatever software you box with. If it doesn't read memory and give you an unfair advantage... doesn't modify how the game works (speed hack, teleport past a mob, read what loot a mob has before you kill it, etc...), you're going to be ok with it. Basically, if the software gives you a major advantage, that others wouldn't have, and here's the litmus test >> you know its unfair... then don't use it.
  14. So this will be like a SymLink? Except DimmDrive does it for you. You just point to the data file you need, let DimmDrive do the work. Then play your game.
  15. Nice looking rig.