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  1. Sorry for the long delay... Yes, this still happens with the new version. My steam installation is H:\Steam. It has all my games that I don't particularly care about performance. There is a second library in D:\SteamLibrary. It has all my games that I do care about (this drive is an SSD). These are the games that are not detected by DimmDrive. H:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Amnesia The Dark Descent D:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\bastion
  2. I have Steam installed on a slow storage drive for games that don't benefit from my SSD. I also have a second library folder on my SSD and none of the games from that drive show up in DimmDrive, despite being playable through Steam.
  3. Seems like a better way to handle Steam Libraries would be to create a list of games that the user has and then check for updates/removals to that list next time DD launches. As it stands right now, it takes a fair bit of time for DD to pick up my entire library. 375 games takes quite a while to populate. I can only imagine it's worse for people with more. I also wouldn't mind a better way to see my Steam library since it does contain so many titles. Seeing three at a time doesn't work so well when you have hundreds of games. Maybe some kind of popup window that can be clicked where all games are listed without graphics if your library goes above 100 or some other number? Maybe even make that number user configurable. Something similar to the way that steam looks in "List View" might work. Replace the favorites (star) column with an on/off switch and replace the Cloud column with a wrench for settings. You could keep the status column to show what is on and what is off. Heck, even keep the Metacritic column if you want to be fancy. A column similar to the last played would also be handy. Last time we used DD on this game. Have the list be sortable by any column and you've got yourself a fine UI. Of course this is all design talk and you can't just use the Steam client or UI, but you get the idea.
  4. This happened to me again today, in the same way, but I'd had the client open for a few hours. Can't seem to replicate it reliably. I'll keep trying.
  5. It's only happened to me during Remote Desktop, but it didn't happen today. Guess it isn't every time. It doesn't bother me too much, was more of a heads up that it's happening.
  6. Will do. Worth noting, that I can't confirm being able to replicate this on the short term. I tend to leave WoW running for extended (days) periods of time. I'll see what I can do about getting more concrete information. The one question I have is how I'll be able to show what the folder size should be (What is on the Y Drive) if I don't open explorer until after I've closed it? Rocky EDIT: Seems like it is working as it should with a play session of a few minutes. I'll leave WoW open tonight and try again tomorrow and see if that affects anything. EDIT 2: Played for an hour and it seemed to be okay. I'll test more tomorrow.
  7. Hello... Sorry for the slew of support posts from me in the last couple days. This one is fairly impactful to me, though. I've noticed that sometimes folders don't sync back after a graceful exit. I haven't been able to do much testing, but it looks like DimmDrive just ignores the postsync folder when it exits and leaves presync the way it was. Here's what the folder on my Y (DimmDrive) drive looked like before I shut down DimmDrive: Here's what the folder looked like after the shutdown: After the shutdown, postsync was still present and had an ~8MB WTF folder in it. That seemed like the appropriate delta between the two folders, so I re-launched DimmDrive hoping it would reconcile the two. It cleaned up the postsync folder, but the contents of the WTF folder in my WoW directory didn't change. My Y Drive had the same 46.6MB on it (after I re-launched DimmDrive) that were present after the closure and, had I not saved off my WTF folder from the Y Drive pre-shutdown, I would have lost all that data. I'm willing to do whatever testing might be necessary to help troubleshoot. Let me know what you might need. Thanks, Rocky
  8. It happened to me at least twice today and a couple times yesterday. Tomorrow at work I'll try to figure out if it happens every time.
  9. Hi, Seems like when I remote into my computer from work the left piece of DimmDrive window pops open in Firefox as a new tab for some reason. It also disappears from the DimmDrive window and is left with a blank gray spot.
  10. Trying to set up a "less ram" configuration for WoW and if I include the executables associated with it, clicking "Start Now" results in a Path Not Found error. In fact, I'm basically unable to launch the game because it gives me that error regardless of how I try to launch the game. If I close Dimmdrive, everything works as it should. If I right click the executable, it looks like it's pointing to the right place, but it doesn't work. Edit: Worth noting that if I load the entire program, it works fine.