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  1. Great Rig. I have the same setup for video cards (2 660ti in SLI). Although I want to upgrade to dual 780ti's (If I can get my wife to let me!)
  2. is my go-to website. I love the way it's laid out and the articles are fantastic.
  3. Anyone Else picking up the new Baulder's Gate? It looks pretty good, and I miss old school RPGs.
  4. So I spent some time this evening in Skyrim. I use the SKSE Mod loader with Skyrim, and I used the filter to track anything dealing with TESV.exe. I tried to load around towns and random areas a bit. I'm a little confused whether the Process Monitor was able to capture the mods use or not. Regardless, here are my results. Textures.bsa (1.3GB), Meshes.bsa (1.4GB), Sounds.bsa (900MB) are the top three accessed files. So if have about 4GB extra, I'd say do those. From there, animations.bsa (40MB), misc.bsa (169MB), Voices (1.3GB), and mods (Unofficial skyrim Patch and Guard Dialogue Overhaul). It was a mess when I installed Skyrim Mods. They are present on the C drive, while Skyrim is located on my D drive. (It was my first attempt at using mods for a game, besides Minecraft). I'm thinking of wiping everything and doing a fresh install. Regardless, I hope this is helpful to someone.
  5. I do. I can take a look at it after dinner.
  6. Come on Tim, we're not all that loaded ! RAM isn't as cheap as it was a year ago. I looked at getting 64GB, but the prices are $250+. I might go to 32GB, though. Should load most games, if I devote 26GB to DimmDrive.
  7. 3-4 Second decrease in loading times from "The Stanley Parable". Useful, because it has a few loading screens that take you out of the mood for a bit.
  8. 7 second increase loading time in League of Legends (But you'll still be waiting on your friends!)
  9. Hi guys. I took a post from earlier about how to find what are the most commonly accessed files while running a game, and I put it to use. It's useful if you're using the "Less RAM" Option to find out exactly what files are being used the most during gameplay. So, here's the results from about 20 minutes of gametime in Batman: Arkham City: As you can see, Textures.tfc and normals.tfc are way out on top (They come in at about 1.3 GB each). Next up is Chartectures.tfc (1.2GB) and lighting.tfc (625MB). If anyone has any requests, let me know. I'll see what I can do. I have a pretty big inventory of games, and I'll most likely post more.
  10. I'm going to take this info and get some of the commonly used games today, and post the highest accessed files. So then anyone else who needs to budget their memory, can use it as a guide.