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  1. I wrote a guide here about how to detect the files with the most load impact on a system Not sure where the scenery files are located, probably in some sort of texture file or something similar (really depends, could be split among many files and all sorts of messy mayhem) All you have to do is drag the files you think would help out the most into Dimmdrive and try it out and see, its completely fine to drag a few files from all over the place into Dimmdrive as it will always just link back making the game think nothing has changed at all.
  2. Dimmdrive works sort of like a USB stick (in its basic sense, it makes your RAM accessible as a drive) When you add a program to Dimmdrive with the Dimmdrive software, it will copy the files over to your RAM, and link back to the original location, any software (game, program and even just random files) should not know the difference. If the games are through steam, Dimmdrive should auto detect these and its only a click away to be activated. If its not, all you have to do is drag the game over into Dimmdrive and it should add it. TL;DR: More or less anything on your computer works with it.
  3. Sent you a mail, bit long, but contains more or less what I know, and I don't think there is a whole lot more to it other than that either.
  4. Well you know where to reach me for point 1 and 2, for number 3 I could pull a few strings when you add it for Greenlight, just make sure things work properly, since when it gets on there I am sure things will get hectic.
  5. Well you could add the cache and it might speed up a bit, but in the end a browsers speed is mostly dependant on your network connection rather than HDD speed, Chrome also already use a lot of memory for caching so I doubt using it with DimmDrive will give you any noticeable changes. DimmDrive works best with software that is heavy on Reading/Writing to a HDD, like game textures, models and audio, or video editing software and such.
  6. That could make sense, been a while since I have installed any new games through steam. Might have a chat with Tim about a different way to detect games.
  7. I have 3 different drives with games on them from steam and it is detecting all of them. Try to exit DimmDrive and Steam, in your Steam directory backup and delete the config.vdf file and start steam again. (Also make sure you are running the latest version of DimmDrive)
  8. A metal! (Similar to platinum)
  9. DimmDrive should work fine for a virtual machine you can even load the entire thing into DimmDrive as long as you give DimmDrive enough space (set up DimmDrive first and it will show up as an HDD you can then use that as the location of a virtual machine) With Steam, have you tried backing up and deleting the config.vdf file? (Should be located in the Steam directory) After you delete it start up steam and let it do its thing, then start up DimmDrive.
  10. Did you try dragging the folder with the game into the other programs area? DimmDrive should not really care where anything comes from or where it is located on your machine.
  11. Strange, how DimmDrive works is that it "links" the files from where they came from, so it should not matter what game/software it is or where its located. Also when you say "Right now the program can't find the data files..." is it ESO that can't find the data files or is it DD that can't find them?
  12. Glad you figured it out on your own, was just about to mention dragging it in!
  13. 5 seconds is pretty good if its the initial load. I personally get more or less instant transition changes (going into/from a house/dungeon) from what would normally take 1-2 seconds. Do you know what type of RAM you have, the speed of the RAM and timing has a lot to do with it.
  14. Should not be a manual thing, are you running the latest version of DimmDrive? If you are and its still not showing up, you can drag the game folder into dimmdrive and enable it that way manually.
  15. This is a mockup I made: (Note final product may not look exactly like this!)