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  1. Its more like its own self sustaining website now. Garrys Mod could drop off the face of the planet and that site would keep on rolling.
  2. passmark gave me similar results... I think its really just an AMD limitation.
  3. I watch a bunch of this guys stuff: http://www.youtube.com/user/razethew0rld
  4. Will do. *edit* Been working on other things. I think badger has this down pat anyways.
  5. i researched this and apparently they don't have very good ram controllers since there is a north bridge in the cpu itself as well as on the motherboard... it seems like the higher i have the speed of the cpu nb the faster the ram goes... but ive got it going 2400mhz and the cpu doing 4.5ghz and its still damn awful... (still a fuckton faster than an ssd tho!) I'll test out later if i can get it any higher...
  6. i have the fx 8350 and have my 2133mhz ram running 1600mhz with 7-7-8-18-24-1t. i still only get 3900mbs/4200mbs.
  7. You think yours is bad? My speeds around about 3900/4200 seq 100mb. friggen amd. i hope piledriver has a far better ram controller.
  8. Haha I know I'm not Tim but I wanted to chime in that the h100i is awesome. I currently use a Zalman liquid cooler, an equivalent of the h80, with a delta 120cfm fan . Does fabulously. Better than my old sycthe Katana3/vantec 120cfm combo I had on my q6600.
  9. What are your PC specs?
  10. [edited: let's keep it clean:)] (Probably doesn't roll off the tongue the same)
  11. I would assume it takes more CPU operations to read than to write, but my ASM knowledge is virtually nil.
  12. Superb! My 670's love to freeze up my PC every couple weeks... this feature will no doubt save me a lot of time.
  13. I down for some voice activation. DIMMDRIVE ... LOAD SKYRIM... YES... ALL OF IT...
  14. idk i dont think were going to be overly impressed with ddr4... i mean im not overly impressed with ddr3 vs ddr2 even. Granted a 3770k / 1600mhz 8-8-8-24 ram combo seems to pump out 10GB/s is impressive... but thats more the CPU than the RAM itself...
  15. Corsair Dominator always own's everything on the benchmarks I have seen. I use G.Skill Ripjaws, but its not the absolute fastest. also ... this explains it better and in more depth than I can ... so here: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/Understanding-RAM-Timings/26 just to guess... at 1866 you might be able to get 9-9-9-24... but its dependant on the sticks and the mobo... so ya never really know until you try.